Three Home Decor Sites to Ignite Your Creativity

My home decorating goes in waves. Sometimes that’s where our creative budget goes, other times, it goes towards building the miniature wardrobes of constantly growing children, or putting in some landscaping. It’s on the budget every month in its own little wonderful category, but it usually is one of those flexible categories that helps booster up another where I’ve gone a little bid overboard for the time.

Recently, I’ve found a few websites that have inspiration enough to browse through when I have the time. Some of them have apps available, and it’s fun to scroll through items when nothing else is going on. As with all things material, it gets addictive, so I have to be purposeful in it, or else I will spend all of time consumed with it. Like social media, I take my cues from how my spirit feels. Is this feeding or starving my spirit? Lots of times it starves it, and I find myself a depleted mess of jealousies and comparisons at the end of a long couch-break. Oh that I would learn from my mistakes and drink in the Spirit of God when I’m bored or weary rather than keep inhaling toxic stuff of the world!

But back to the websites, below are my favorite home decor sites. I look to these 3 the most for inspiration and ideas for my own home. Maybe you are a balanced, orderly person and you like to decorate your home room by room until its complete. Not so with me. I am about as random and unplanned as it comes. Every room in my house is in process and has been for five years. Maybe I will always be this way, and I’m learning to be comfortable with my own creative process. No use comparing to other people, I am simply not them and you aren’t me, so we’ll do things differently.

If you do a lot of decorating and scoping out products, you probably are familiar with all three of these websites.  But if you’re just getting into and stretching out your decorating wings, give these websites a chance!

Three Home Decor Sites to Ignite Your Creativity

1. One Kings Lane: You have to sign up for emails in order to view their products, which I don’t mind since I have literally 33,000 emails in my inbox. And no, I’m not popular and only like ten are actually significant people and not random websites. Regarding One Kings Lane, this is a website that hosts “events” from a variety of brands selling products at a discounted price. The trick is, the events are for a limited amount of time and each event has an end date. With most of these products for me personally, their price is too high. But I love to browse through their choices because they are visually appealing and they give me good ideas for my own home. Most likely, if something is offered on One Kings Lane, it’s high quality and it has classic lines, timeless elegance, and relevance in what’s up in home decor today. It also offers a good app as well.

2. Joss and Main: I really adore Joss and Main. Like One Kings Lane, you have to sign up for access. It also has timed events where various products are offered at a signficant discount, and unlike One Kings Lane, most of their prices are somewhat in my price range. Let’s be honest, furniture and home decor is always marked up way above its worth, and it’s hard to know when you’re getting a good deal. Every time I visit Joss and Main, I leave inspired. Products are grouped according to inspiration or palette or a blog designer’s choices, and I love love love looking through them. Think affordable, trendy rug options and adorable kitchen utensils and gleaming furniture pieces at great prices. For me, Joss and Main is highly addictive, especially in its app form on my iphone; be warned, and browse with care.

3. Wayfair is practically exploding with good product and a million different options of colors and shapes and decor styles. I find it to be a little bit visually fatiguing, and its not as easy to see everything they offer. I’m assuming that’s only because of the sheer amount of product, but I don’t venture here unless I am willing to sift and sort through categories. Which takes time, which I don’t have. Wayfair has great prices on most products, and also has design ideas as well that can help you see where a product would fit.

All three home decor sites listed above claim to offer discounted items, and I hope you enjoy a good browse through them every now and then to get your design ideas cranking. After all, ideas are where actions start, and I like to stock up on good ones until I’m ready to make a purchase. So browse away!

What are your favorite home decor sites?

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Three Home Decor Sites to Ignite Your Creativity #homedecor


  1. Amy Orvin on August 13, 2014 at 8:22 am

    I love using WayFair for my home décor needs. I recently got a 6 ft. cat tree for my cats from there for a great deal with free shipping. I was so excited and they were, too.

  2. John on September 26, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    My wife is crazy about Joss & Main! Also Wayfair and One Kings Lane are at the top of her list. She used to be a huge Pier 1 Imports fan, until they raised their prices through the roof. But she still manages to find smaller home decor items there, once in a while.

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