Making The Most Of Our Time… In The Shower

As a novelist who is also a wife and mom while working a day job, I am sometimes asked how I manage to handle all my tasks. The answer is fairly simple. I rely on God to give me strength and sanity, and I’ve learned to utilize every little bit of time in my day.

Most people don’t realize just how much time they waste during the day. I don’t mean watching television or talking on the phone. I mean those tasks where our hands are busy but our mind isn’t necessarily engaged.

What are you thinking about when you wash dishes or fold laundry?

Where is your concentration when you’re straightening your hair or putting on makeup?

What’s your brain doing when you’re driving to the office each morning, or on your way home from dropping off children?

How about when you’re in the shower?

When I shower, I accomplish a lot more than just washing my body. For years I’ve used that time to plan meals for the family, outline my schedule for the week, and contemplate what I want to say to my children in a time of discipline. In college a professor told us he uses his daily shower as his prayer and praise time, and I’ve done that often. When I’m stuck on a plot-line for a story or need to figure out some character traits, a shower is a good place to get creative, and it works 100% of the time. I always leave the bathroom knowing exactly what to write next.

There are 2 reasons to utilize your time in the shower for more than just mindless scrubbing and shaving:

First, research shows that showers stimulate the brain. This is why people who hate getting up in the morning go straight to the shower – they find when they get out, they can think more clearly. Something about those little droplets of water hitting our skin sends impulses to the brain and makes it more alert. So if your brain wants to work, why not put it to good use rather than letting it wander endlessly on it’s own?

Second, research shows that successful people make plans to reach their goals and dreams. That means they need time to actually work out what that plan should look like. Wanna give your child a memorable birthday party? Wanna plan a romantic getaway with the hubby? Wanna knock your boss’s socks off on that next project at work? Wanna present an inspiring message at Sunday School? Think about it in the shower! Let the creative juices flow through your brain as you figure out what actions to take and when to implement each step.

To manage your time better, why not try using your time in the shower to be more intentional about your life?

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Making The Most Of Our Time... In The Shower #timemanagement #tips


  1. Cami on September 5, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    I usually listen to scriptures on my phone while I do my hair. Having my hands busy helps my mind to focus. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Ashley Charles on September 11, 2014 at 6:31 am

    I take several showers a day, so I do tend to take one just to “wind down.” There’s something about a hot steamy shower that relaxes my muscles and gets me prepared to take on more. Most of my other showers I have always had my brain going without even realizing it. This is the only “Quiet” time I usually get away from my kids so using the shower time to plan, prep, and think helps me fall asleep more peacefully at night when I lay down in bed because I’ve already done a lot of my thinking.

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