7 Tips to Help You Get Organized for Christmas

Every year, I tell myself the same story… I vow to start my Christmas shopping earlier, and prepare for the festivities months ahead. Why? Because I always wind up feeling rushed, stressed out, and completely exhausted by the time the big day arrives. This year, I am on the right path to help me get organized for Christmas! It is such a wonderful time of year with so much meaning and warmth. It should not be spent being stressed out and completely forgetting the entire point!

If you are like me, and haven’t given any thoughts to help you get organized for Christmas yet; now is the time to put your thought process in motion because the weeks and days are just flying by! The holiday season will be upon us in no time!

7 Tips to Help You Get Organized for Christmas

1. Take inventory on what you have left from last year. This includes wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, scotch tape, gift tags, gift bags, gift boxes, cards, stamps and anything else you can think of.

2. Shopping online this year? Perfect! Don’t get caught with your gifts arriving late. Make sure that you shop early enough that you have a good selection of colors and sizes to choose from. Cyber Monday is a GREAT day to shop Online. There are always tons of sales. My absolute favorite Online shopping venue is Amazon. For the past 3 years, I have done 90% of my shopping through them, and I have saved tons of money!

3. Collect catalogs and sales flyers. If something is on sale now, and you have the budget, buy it. Avoid the crowds by shopping early in the mornings and on the week days. Keep all your receipts in a zip lock bag for easy returns or exchanges. Keep gift cards with the gifts.

4. Making your list and checking it twice of the people you’re going to send Christmas cards to. If you plan on sending a family photo or photos of the children, book your family photo shoot early. If you’re planning to make your own cards, make sure you have the supplies you need. Get your list together and hit the store.

5. You can do some holiday baking and store them in the freezer like cookie dough, shortbread cookies, tarts, bars, appetizers etc. You can also buy and freeze other food items to use during the holiday cooking season. Get your meats early  and freeze them. Make sure that you have your pantry stocked up, so that you are not rushing around at the last minute unable to find what you need!

6. Don’t let your house become too cluttered. Repair things that need to be fixed immediately. Begin getting things organized now, so that you are not having a panic attack the week before company is coming!

7. One last tip while you get organized for Christmas: enjoy what’s happening around you, and don’t get caught up in the petty things. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily. When you’re out shopping; take the time to enjoy the smells, appreciate the decorations, and listen to the choir–because it only happens once a year. Also, ENJOY your family! You only have them for a smidgen of time. Before you know it, the kids will be grown up ,and you will be sharing them with spouses, grand-kids, in-laws, etc… CHERISH your moments, Moms!

Do you have any tips to help Get Organized for Christmas?

7 Tips to Help You Get Organized for Christmas


  1. Rhonda on November 15, 2010 at 8:51 am

    I especially like the first tip of checking the inventory you already have on hand. This can certainly save some money. And, I think you can find some really good deals shopping online (especially around black Friday), you do have to plan early since you have to allow time for shipping.

  2. Kelly Greene on November 6, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Great ideas!

  3. Randy Fulgham on November 23, 2014 at 8:04 pm


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