Why Every Family Needs To Get Away

My husband and I just returned home from an amazing vacation where we took our children on a road trip through three states. Although we were exhausted from the busy activities, we’re glad we made the sacrifice to go.

Because time away from home is essential for families.

But why? Does it really matter? Should it really be a priority to get away?

When I was growing up, my family was poor. We didn’t have electricity or running water, and all wore hand-me-down clothes. Yet my mother always made sure we took little adventures such as tent camping or huckleberry picking. Although we never went more than a couple hours’ drive from home, I look back on my childhood with fondness rather than disappointment because of times like those. For a little while, I could forget about my troubles and just enjoy myself.

In that moment, life was good!

I’ve heard people make excuses about why they can never take a vacation. When I was first married I didn’t see why taking trips was a big deal, but now I’m glad my husband insists on it. The benefits are numerous!


Here are the reasons I believe every family should get away.

We can:

  1. Rest and rejuvenate. We easily get caught up in our daily routine and forget to enjoy ourselves. Taking a trip gets the focus off responsibilities and onto those we love most. Getting out into nature refreshes us so we have the energy to face the daily grind when we return home.
  2. Take a break from trouble. We all have problems we face each day, some of which create a lot of stress. While getting away doesn’t fix anything, just being removed from the problem for a while can give us the courage and stamina to tackle it when we get back home. Time away can help us re-evaluate our perspective and give us a push to persevere.
  3. Strengthen bonds with children. Spending time together laughing and enjoying each other, giving each other full attention, cultivates affection. While we can hang out together at home, a different environment creates a more distinct memory.
  4. Raise our spirits. A change of scene often enhances our mood and uplifts our attitude. Just try to walk though Disneyland while angry with someone, or watch a sunset without feeling a sense of peace, or ride a waterslide with a frown on your face. There is just something about being in a new place that brings out a sense of satisfaction.
  5. Create happy family memories. Memories are powerful. They can spark strong emotions in an instant. Life is hard, and we all have varying degrees of dysfunction, which makes negative memories stack up quickly. We need time away so we can drown out the negative with something positive, so we have something to smile about when we look back.

Families benefit from taking trips, whether for the day or for a couple weeks.

How can you plan an outing for your family in the near future?



  1. Lauren on April 18, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    I loved this post so much I shared it with my blog fans on Facebook! Your approach reminds me of how I want to encourage moms with my own blog. These tips for families aren’t preached enough and I thank you for sharing this. I look forward to reading more of your inspiring blog posts.

  2. Naomi Gonzalez on April 28, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    This was such a great post! Yes. everyone needs a time out of our daily routine.

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