Black Raspberry Goat Milk Soap

Since I was a little girl, I have had allergic reactions to many soap products. Most of the common brands of soaps on shelves today cause my skin to peel. So, when I find a soap that does not have a negative reaction AND that I like, I need to talk about it! My mother gave me a bar of Black Raspberry Goat Milk Soap by a few weeks ago, and I have to say that I just LOVE it. Not only does it smell fantastic, it makes my skin feel soft and supple, and I have had NO negative skin reactions to it. YAY!

I also love the unique packaging. It comes in an adorable small canvas/mesh type bag. It smells amazing and it also has that homemade, “I’m made with TLC” look about it.

If you like to try new things, also have allergies to soaps, like goat milk products, or are just intrigued, I highly recommend this awesome soap!

Disclaimer: I did not get paid in any way for this review. I simply got the soap from my Mom as a gift and decided to write a review about it!

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