7 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Groceries can be one of the biggest expenses in a family. The good new is that it is a vey flexible one. You can save a lot of money on groceries simply by implementing a few easy strategies.

7 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

1 – Bulk Sharing.

If you’ve got a big family, or a close friend, it’s a big help to share bulk store memberships! Just go shopping together with one card, and split the cost on things you need! You’ll both benefit from less frequent purchasing needs at half the cost! 

2 – Sign Up.

Sign up for email lists from your favorite brands! Many times, brands will send you coupons and special offers you won’t find in stores! Take advantage of saving money on groceries with just a few taps of your keyboard! Filling out store receipt surveys doesn’t hurt, either!

3 – Coupons.

Yes, we’ve all heard of coupon clipping… However, to really get full money saving benefits, clip your coupons AND plan your meals around what’s on sale that week! There are tons of apps and websites that can help you find yummy recipes with even the slimmest of pickings if you get stumped!

4 – Try a new brand!

Yeah, that one brand of cream cheese IS really good… But it’s not on sale this week, so maybe try that off brand for bogo! Who knows, you might like it better! Branch out, and you never know what you could discover… Plus, the savings will be worth it!

5 – Research.

Everyone has their favorite grocery store… Trust me, I know. At the end of the day, though, your favorite store might not have the best deals on certain things! Do your research on stores in your local area! Walmart’s not the only place you can get a bargain! 

6 – Share.

This might not work for larger families, but it definitely has helped me and my SO save money on our needs… Share! Find a deodorant you both like, and share it! Use the same soap, and shampoo if you can… It may not sound super appealing, but when you’re in a pinch, every penny counts! This works with food, too! Buy things EVERYONE likes, so you’re not buying multiples of the same thing. Saving money on groceries requires compromise sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

7 – Use ‘Em.

Last but not least, utilize your freezer and that collection of sharpies you’ve got in “that drawer.” Got extra leftovers? Use them for you or your SO’s lunch the next day, and if there’s even more than that—freeze ‘em! Just be sure to label and date whatever you save so you can easily reheat and eat before that expiration time. 

Bonus money saving tip: Save those ends of veggies you chop up! They go a long way in soups, broths, and gravies so you don’t have to necessarily buy cans and cartons of them. Make sure you strain them out after you get out all that flavor, though!

I hope these 7…er… 8 tips help you start saving money on groceries!

Please share your own tips to save money on groceries below!

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