New Mom, New Baby, A few things to know…

Being a new Mom is one of the most glorious adventures you will ever begin. Having a baby is a precious gift from God. He uses our children to teach us about love, balance, and purpose.

If you are a new Mom, there are a few things that you will need to realize when you first bring your beautiful bundle home…

One of the major changes that happen with a new baby is the lack of sleep that you will have.  In most cases, your new baby will not sleep through the night for the first couple months.  If you plan to breastfeed, your husband will not be very helpful with feeding unless you decide to use a breast pump.

Personally, I never used a bottle with my little one. She went from the breast to the sippie cup. Sure, it was a sacrifice of my time and sleep. However, it is only for a short season of my life and it was well worth it. :)

However, if you are a Mom who need to get back to work, by all means, USE your breast pump and get hubbie working!

Another change with baby will be the event of leaving the house to go on an outing…You will want to get your diaper bag ready with everything you will need. This will depend on how long you will be gone. I recommend over packing. It is better to have too much than too little!  Feed and change baby before you leave the house. Aim to leave an hour before you need to so you’ll actually leave about on time.

You will not have as much time to yourself as a new Mom. However, I encourage you to EMBRACE it. It is not something we should look at negatively. Enjoy these precious years. Before you know it they will be driving, dating, and then gone!

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We will have more on the subject of new Moms and what to expect soon…Also if you have something to share about being a New Mom or life with baby, let us know!

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