Product Review: Wii Fit

With Christmas near and shopping under way, I thought this would be a great product review to post. From what I understand Wii Fit is a great product for the whole family and helps promote exercise in a fun way.

Product Name: Wii Fit
Submitted by: Alicia Tucker
Rating: 10
Where to buy: We got our Wii Fit at Target. they are sold in other places but are very difficult to find this time of year since they are in high demand.

Description: Wii Fit is a video game that comes with a balance board that you use to play the games and complete the fitness tasks.

Review: I have been wanting a Wii Fit for quite a while and we were blessed enough to find one as we were Christmas shopping at Target. Since I need to exercise daily, this is a wonderful tool to help and encourage me. The program keeps track of your weight, your weight loss goals, and the amount of exercise and other activities that you complete daily. As you play, new games and exercises (and difficulty levels of each) are unlocked for you to use. There are four areas of exercise for you to use: Balance Games, Aerobic (even jogging is included), Strength, and Yoga. There are varying levels of difficulty for each area of the game, so that even someone with trouble exercising will find something they can do to start building their balance and fitness. Even the kids are able to use Wii Fit! It has been lots of fun for our family and is really helping me to get up and move every day so that stiffness does not settle in.

Criticism: One of the balance games involves a meditation activity. Although it does not say anything specific about Buddhism, it does remind me of that. However, it is not bad and I have not felt anything negative as a result of doing the activity. Basically, you sit on the balance board very still and try to make it so that the candle on the screen does not flicker.

Also, Wii Fit is quite addictive because it is so much fun… lol… but I am not sure if that is a criticism. I just have to be careful not to overdo it though. It advises 10-15 minute segments of exercise and if I do more than 30 at a time, I can hurt myself.

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