Baby Product Review: Baby Smart Cooshie Booster Seat

Product Name: Baby Smart Cooshie Booster Seat
Submitted by: Christine, MOF Community Member
Rating: 9
Where to buy: I bought from Babies R Us.
See online at:

Description: Child’s booster seat (NOT a car booster seat)

Review: When my youngest child became too big for the hard plastic “baby” booster seat, but was still too small to reach the table without help we tried several cheap fixes (such as phone books). Everything we tried eventually slid off the chair with her on it.

Even though the Cooshie booster is a tad pricey in the $30 range, it doesn’t slip or slide and is practically indestructible. We’ve used it on chairs with both a wooden seat and a padded (upholstered) seat with excellent results. It’s made of soft foam, is very comfortable and has room for my daughter to grow. She is six but is a petite little girl. It’s washable, lightweight and completely portable. The one I bought came in a nice mesh carrying tote. It’s been perfect for my daughter – so much so that her eight year old sister wants one, too.

Criticism: This is not exactly a criticism, but I did want to note that this seat has no straps to keep it on the chair or to keep the child in the chair. If your child is very young and you need to keep him/her strapped in, this is not the seat for you.

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