Choosing Décor to Fit Your Style

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed how much you liked it? Was it warm, rich and inviting? Or was it cold, dreary and drab?

If your home leaves you with that drab feeling, or doesn’t feel quite right; I have good news for you! You can change it to fit your style and be the home of your dreams!

Decorating a room can make ALL the difference!

Okay, you’ve made a decision. It’s time for that “room-lift!” You’ve decided to take the plunge and decorate!

Congratulations! Now, where do you begin?

It all started for me when I woke up one day and noticed that I did not like my living room. After all, we had inherited the décor and style of the previous owner. I was so busy bearing children and trying to assimilate as a new mother and new homeowner, that I hadn’t even noticed that I did not care for the décor of my home. After all, let’s face it; it did not reflect ME.

A friend of mine had a natural talent for decorating, and as a matter of fact had attended some workshops –and recommended that I just start looking at magazines to get ideas of what I DID like.

Okay, I thought, I can certainly handle that. After all, pouring through and daydreaming about the exquisite dining rooms and living rooms in each new Ethan Allen magazine I received had become an ardent pastime of mine. I LOVED looking at magazines with the gorgeous displays of furniture in different motifs and colors. And when I saw what I liked, I knew it. The style that I loved surfaced quickly, clearly, and easily. With every magazine I looked at, the same style surfaced as my absolute favorite. I LOVED it.

The colors I liked were rich, the style was elegant. I loved the deep jewel tones and the Victorian richness. The shiny gold brass I used to favor as a teenager had now been replaced with antique gold and dark bronze. I loved the deep burgundies, greens, golds, and plums highlighted with accents of pure white.

My friend came over to assess my living room. I had my father-in-law’s brown love seat, a crème-colored paisley print sofa given to me by my own father, a luxurious gold Victorian mirror that I did like (because I bought it) clashing stubbornly with the white country lace curtains leftover from the previous owner. My walls were sterile white. We had a lot to work with!

To bring warmth to the room, we decided to paint the walls. We chose a soft gold for the walls, with one accent wall in cranberry.

I selected various wall hangings, a shelf, and sconces with candles to dress up my walls. I covered my mismatched sofas with slipcovers. I replaced the country lace curtains with a sheer gold window scarf that dipped gracefully down at the top of each window, and then hung down to the floor on each side. I threw an area run down on the living room floor, and centered my new coffee table on top of it. Additional living room accents included a striking European vase embracing a blossom of pure white roses, a floor lamp, and a couple of lush, green topiaries.

The room was beautiful. Our colors were cranberry and gold. All the wall décor contrasted with the color behind it – light colored décor on the cranberry accent wall, and dark décor on the gold wall. The slipcovers and area rug were breathtaking – all in cranberry and gold with a rich Victorian style. I was in love with my living room!

Decorating is fun and easy!

Well, are you ready to take the plunge?

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Know your style – study magazines until you know what you like. You will be attracted to the same style over and over again, and your style will quickly become evident to you.
  2. Decide on what “feel” you want for the room – do you want a dramatic, sophisticated look? A casual look? A modern look? Stick to those styles as you make your choices.
  3. Copy the pros – study those magazine photos! What makes the room so quaint; so charming; so luxuriously beautiful? Copy the flower arrangements you see; how window coverings are hung; how wall hangings are “framed” on either side with candles, plants, or figurines, etc.

Have fun and enjoy the process of decorating a room, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation that takes place. Enjoy!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathy Afetian owns a successful home based business with Mia Bella Gourmet Candles, an alternative wax, all-natural, candle that contains no toxins and smells great. She has been married for 9 years and has four children. You can visit her at

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