Dr. Phil Diet Review

Dr. Phil McGraw is a popular no-nonsense talk show host. His diet plan is based around healthy eating and changing your lifestyle. It is more geared towards emotional eaters and based around understanding the cycle of why we overeat.

The diet plan is easy to follow, no need to food combine or strange menus. You’re encouraged to eat a wide variety of natural whole foods, lead protein and small amounts of the “good for you” fats.

This diet plan is in line with many Low GI eating plans currently on the market. Dr. Phil devotes a large part of his book to helping the dieter change their thoughts of food and negative body image.

The Dr. Phil diet is comprised of the seven-point plan and this is how it works:

The dieter will write a summary of what they will eat the entire day and then stick to it. The daily diet menu should consist of three servings of lean protein, two servings of low-fat dairy products, and two to three servings of whole grain carbs, two fruits, four servings of vegetables and one small serving of healthy fats such as nuts, seeds or olive oil.

This is based around healthy eating guidelines and is a plan many dietitians approve.

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