Faith – Makes Things Happen

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By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts…
Hebrews 11:4a (KJV)

I would like to start by looking at two words in their original Greek meanings…

Excellent – pleion (pli’-on): Figuratively of worth, importance, dignity, meaning more, greater, higher, to abound.

Testifying – martureo (mar-too-reh’-o): Emphatically, to testify strongly, bear honorable testimony, to be well testified about, to have good witness.

It wasn’t so much “what” they gave that made one better than the other. It was “how” they gave. Abel gave the first born of his sheep. That was a HUGE step of faith. Cain gave with the wrong heart and motive. He gave without faith. God was more pleased with Abel’s offering because of the FAITH behind it. He even went so far as to testify about it.

Can you imagine GOD speaking well about you? Can you imagine the King of Kings Himself bearing good witness about YOUR offering? Well, you don’t have to imagine, if you give by faith with a pure heart and motive.

We can give and give and give without ever pleasing God. Giving in and of itself is fine. However, when we give by FAITH, then we are going to a whole new level. Please don’t misunderstand me, you cannot just give to get. It’s not only a matter of faith, it’s a matter of the HEART. Faith is what will sow the seed properly. The right heart is what will help it to reap a good harvest.

I encourage you to pray about how you can give a “faith offering.” Do not limit yourself to “materialistic” things. You can offer your time or talents too. The point of the exercise is to help you to DEVELOP your faith. If you never use your faith, it will never become all that God intended it to be.

Keep this in mind…Not one person was healed by Jesus while He was here that did not already BELIEVE that He could heal them. Faith is what makes things happen!

I hope all this is making sense to you…

Let’s pray,

Daddy God, thank You for the gift of faith. Thank You for all that You want me to become. Help me to learn how to exercise and develop my faith. Help me to learn how to give faith offerings unto You. I know that You are my Abba Father. I know that You will provide ALL of my needs, because by faith, I believe what your Word says. And by faith, I know that You love me and want ONLY the best for me. Thank You, Daddy God. I love You. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

In His Love and Service,

Lara ;)

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