Forgiveness, part 1

Today, we will begin a two part study on forgiveness. We will start by looking at examples of forgiveness in the Bible.

Esau forgave Jacob – In Genesis 27 Jacob has stolen his own brothers birthright and blessing! Esau was furious and vowed to kill him as soon as their father died. Jacob spent many years running. Then in Genesis 33:4-15 Esau forgives Jacob.

Most of us have had opportunities, material items, jobs, etc stolen from us. However, I would think that very few of us have experienced our sibling stealing our birthright and blessings (good wishes) from our Father.

Joseph forgave his brothers – In Genesis 37 Jacobs jealous brothers throw him in a pit and then sell him as a slave to a caravan on it’s way to Egypt! He was a slave for years and went to prison before he was blessed with the position of second in command of all Egypt. Then in Genesis 45:3-15 he has an opportunity to really stick it to them. He doesn’t! he forgives them, and even kisses and embraces them!

Can you even imagine? Your own family wanting you dead? Selling you into slavery? It’s unimaginable. However, most of us have family feuds though. One family member angry at another. Siblings. Mother and child. Father and child.

Moses forgave Miriam and Aaron – In Genesis 12:1-10 they slander Moses, and God jumps to His defense and inflicts Miriam with leprosy. In stead of thinking…she got what she deserved…in Genesis 12:13 Moses begs God to heal her.

Has anyone ever wrongly accused you of something? Slandered you? Spoke rudely to you? Have you forgiven them?

Stephen forgave the angry mob – In Acts 7:60 while being stoned to death for being a Christian and speaking the truth he asks God to forgive them with his last breath!

If I was being stoned to death…I don’t think that my last thoughts and words would be anything positive towards the ones stoning me, let alone asking God to forgive them! Maybe your a better person than I am.

Paul forgave his brothers and sisters in the Lord – In II Timothy 4:16 Paul forgives them for abandoning and forsaking him in his time of need.

Have you ever had close friends let you down? Have you forgiven them? or, are you still harboring unforgiveness and anger?

and finally, in Luke 23:34

While innocently dying on the cross for our sins Jesus asked God to forgive the ones who put Him there!

Our Savior was paying the ultimate agonizing price for not only our sins but the ones who killed Him…and He felt only love…He had no ill will…just love and forgiveness.

I want you to really think about the following….

The examples that we just read show extremely evil wrongs being forgiven.

Why is it so hard for us to forgive someone for forgetting our birthday? Or, some other minor offense?

Let’s Pray,

Daddy God, Thank You for all the Wonders of Your Word. Thank You that Your Word speaks Truth. Thank You for forgiving me for all of my wrongs. Help me Lord to be quick to forgive when I am wronged. Help me to let go of my hurt and anger for (fill in the blank). Show me where I hold grudges and help me to let go. I love You, Lord. I want my life to please You. Thank You for Your Grace in my life. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

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In His Love and Service,

Lara ;)

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