Sommersizing Diet Review

The Sommersizing Diet was founded by Suzanne Somers and The Sommersizing books have made the best seller lists.

The diet is based around eating the right type of carbohydrates and good fats and also food combining. The believe is that if you eat low glycemic index carbohydrates your blood sugars and insulin levels will remain stable allowing your body to burn more fat.

You are also encouraged to food combine, which involves eating meat, full fat dairy products and vegetables together without carbohydrates or fruit. You can also eat whole grain carbohydrates alone with vegetables but no meat or dairy. Fruit should always be consumed on its own preferably on an empty stomach.

There are also a list of foods you should completely avoid. There are specific guidelines in The Suzanne Somers Diet Book which explains in full detail when to eat fruit during the day, how to effectively combine your meals and many recipes as well.

This diet takes a little getting used to but unlike the Atkins diet or other low carb diets you are allowed to eat the right type of carbohydrates from day one and throughout the diet as long as you eat them in the right combinations in relation to other foods.

Sommersizing Stage One: This is the stricter phase of the diet where you must fully food combine and avoid all sugar, you are allowed to use the Sommersizing sweetener. You must also avoid all caffeine and alcohol.

Sommersizing Stage Two: This is the least restrictive and final phase of the diet. You start this phase once you reach your goal weight and stay on it for life. During this phase you are allowed to eat chocolate and drink red wine in moderation. You can also create slight imbalances during food combining, such as adding pine nuts to your whole wheat pasta.

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