The Sermon on the Mount – Blessed are the Merciful

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Matthew 5:7 (NIV)

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

The Webster’s dictionary definition of mercy is, compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender or enemy. An act of kindness, compassion, or favor.

Has your husband ever forgotten your birthday or a special day?

How did you handle it?

If you are like me, not very well. Sometimes we find it hard to let the smallest of offenses go. In the case of our husbands we may nag or give them the dreaded “silent treatment.” Either way we are not responding with mercy. We should be quick to let it go and show compassion and understanding. It may not be easy…but we will reap what we sow. I don’t know about you, but I need all the mercy I can get.

What about a very big offense?

I once saw a story on a nightly news program. It was about a Christian woman who’s young daughter was kidnapped and killed by a very sick man. She went a whole year wondering if her daughter was even alive. Then on the anniversary of her daughter’s disappearance she received a phone call from the offender and later found out he killed her baby girl.

How would you react?

Would you hate this man?

Would you be able to forgive and show him mercy?

Honestly, I am not sure that I could…especially to the extent that she did.

This godly woman prayed for that man every day. She forgave him and became his pen pal. She visited him in prison, and came to actually care for him in a parental way. She chose to let the horrible and unthinkable thing that he did go. And she forgave as she had been forgiven. This precious woman showed the kind of compassion and mercy that Jesus lived out for you and me.

You see, in God’s eyes we have all fallen short. Not one is better than another. We are ALL sinners until we repent and receive the Blood of Jesus. God showed us ALL mercy when He sent His Only Son to die for us. Jesus showed us ALL mercy when He died on the cross for our sins. Not one of us should ever forget the VERY high cost of our Salvation.

Now, the next time your husband forgets a special day…instead of over reacting, try kindly telling him that your feelings are hurt…but you love him very much and you understand that he is only human. After his jaw closes, he will appreciate you more than you can imagine. And you will put a smile on your Daddy’s Wonderful Face!

Let’s Pray,

Daddy God, thank You for sending Your Son to die for me. Thank You for always forgiving me no matter what. Thank You for the endless Mercy You show me everyday of my life. Thank You for calling me Your very Own. Lord, help me to always show compassion and mercy no matter how big or small the offense. Help me to always see other through Your Loving and Merciful Eyes. Thank You, Daddy. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

In His Love and Service,

Lara ;)

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