Yes, You CAN!

Think you can’t forgive that one person who hurt you really bad?


Tonight was a HUGE step for me….Let me give a brief history…

Last year there was a dispute between a leader in children’s ministry (at my church) and myself. I was going to bat for an injustice against my daughter and lost the fight. I prayed and prayed and prayed…no grace was given from the lady in charge. She seemed to be a very cold hearted person…

I still feel that she was wrong and unkind…no, I KNOW she was. HOWEVER, God allowed my daughter…and our whole family to go through this VERY hurtful situation for a greater purpose. And it has taken almost a year for me to finally understand what that purpose was.

Forgiveness…We all get it freely from the Father…but do we freely give it?

Fast forward to tonight…

I was invited to come to a couples group from church and that lady would be there. I haven’t seen her since our awful confrontation almost a year ago.

Anyway, it was VERY difficult to go…but I did…AND…there was a miraculous light bulb moment! During the praise and worship God completely cleansed me and I forgave her in my heart. I even had nice feelings towards her!

You must understand….this woman DEEPLY hurt my daughter…my husband…and myself. It was a VERY difficult thing to come to terms with. I was very angry…you know the Mother hen type of anger?

I asked God to scold her. Silence. I asked God to help me. Silence. I begged God to help me forgive her. Silence. I did not give up though. And when the opportunity came to be in a room with her again…I didn’t run and hide like I wanted to. I stood tall…asked for Daddy’s help…and GOT THE VICTORY!!!

Are you struggling with forgiving someone? Have you asked and asked and asked? Your answer may be right under your nose…your answer may be this…

How willing are you to forgive? How willing are you to make the first move? How willing are you to be vulnerable? If you are willing, like I was…your victory is right before you…just reach out and GRAB IT!!

I encourage you to pray right now for whatever God is touching you about in the area of forgiveness…and/or…doubt that you CAN do His Will!

God Bless YOU!!

Here is further study on Forgiveness…

In His Love and Service,

Lara ;)

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