Anti Aging Tips for Hands

We use our hands for many things, and unfortunately, they are one way to tell our age pretty accurately…unless, we take good care of them! Yes, I believe our hands can help us look younger!

Simple Everyday Anti Aging Tips for Hands

Protect them from the affects of the sun. Use sunscreen. Not only will your hands have a youthful appearance, you will be less likely to get those ugly age spots on them. Simply apply a 15-30SPF sunscreen to your hands daily as you would moisturizing lotion.

Speaking of moisturizing…Moisturize your hands at least three times a day. Why, well, many of the everyday things we do…like washing dishes, actually dry them out, thus giving an aged appearance.

Give yourself regular manicures. Pretty nails go a long way to helping you have pretty, youthful looking hands. Simple things are all that you really need to do. Clean. File. Buff. Apply a colored or clear polish.

Protect Hands. Wear gloves when gardening. When gardening, gloves protect your hands from the sun and from injuries such as scratches and contact dermatitis from handling weeds.

Hand Massages. Rub one palm over the back of the opposite hand in a circular motion. The massage motion increases circulation, which helps warm up your hands.

Another Option is finger massage. Especially soothing for those with tired hands, carpal tunnel or even arthritis. A nice finger massage with a little warm coconut oil is very healthy and helpful for hands.

Exfoliate. Gently rub damp hands with salt or sugar, then rinse. The grainy texture of the salt helps scrape away old skin cells, and, once again, it improves circulation.

Eat right! Lack of B-complex vitamins can cause ridged nails. A lack of calcium can result in brittle, dry nails that chip and flake easily. Make sure to eat a balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and veggies are important for healthy skin, nails and hands, as well as your overall heath!

These anti aging tips are sure to get you on the path of better health and a more youthful appearance for your hard working Mom hands!

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