Tuesday’s Mommy Tip – Go For a Nature Walk

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Go For a Nature Walk

The weather is really cooling off with the onset of fall. This is a GREAT time to get out of the house with your kids. Even if you work, it can be done on the weekend. Pick a day and go for a nice long nature walk. Before you leave for your walk, set up a table in your house with some newspapers or an art table cloth. Get some glue, paper plates, crayons, construction paper, paper plates, white paper…maybe computer paper and any other items that make for fun pictures.

On to the walk…Bring one brown lunch bag for each child…even teenagers (make them do it. LOL), and YOU…Dad too if he goes. (Mom, you may even want to bring a camera and scrapbook this day if you are a scrapbooker! ;)) Everyone must collect different NATURE items. A few ideas; leaves, bark, acorns, moss and any other item that can withstand time.

While on your walk, talk about the beauty of God’s creation. Talk about the sounds you hear and the birds you see and the smells you smell. Time is so fragile…Breath it all in and enjoy the experience with your children.

When you get home, you will make a collage of your walk with the items collected in the brown bags. Even the acorns. Just use more glue. You may even want to do this craft on old used brown grocery bags cut into large squares. The paper plates are another option for placing the collages on. Use your imagination.

Tell the kids to use the crayons to draw things they saw on their walk. Another great idea, if leaves were collected is to have them do some nature/leaf rubbings. How to: place a leaf (or other flat(ish) item found) on newspaper. Place paper over top of nature item. Use a crayon to rub or color over the item. When done, you will see outline or shape of item you “rubbed.”

Let them make as many pictures as they want. Make an afternoon of it.

You could even make a healthy “nature” snack like ants on a log. How to: Cut celery into pieces a little longer than an adult index finger. Fill with peanut butter. Add raisins for the ants. The kids can even make them. Not the cutting part of course. ;)

Anyway, I hope this tip helps you think outside the box and encourages you to spend some FUN quality time with your children while you still have them!

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  1. Heather @ CSAHM on October 20, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    You are an awesome mom! I hope you KNOW this. {{hugs}}

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