Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

Lately, I have been feeling a bit like Ms. Claus and my house is resembling the North Pole! I love every minute of the Christmas season, the shopping, baking, decorating, spending time with family and friends, and reflecting on the birth of our savior. A surefire way to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate your home. Decorating can be a fun and creative way for your family to enjoy the season together. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and let your inner Santa emerge with these decorating tips.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Table Centerpieces

Centerpieces are an inexpensive way to add holiday cheer to a room. Get a decorative bowl (gold, silver, etc.) and put colorful Christmas bulbs inside. I did this with a gold holiday bowl and filled it with red bulbs, it looks great and festive. Try adding pine cones in the bowl they also work well.


Candles add tremendous warmth to any room. Place them on your tables, in the hallway, on mantles, and add some green garland around them for a decorative touch. Place pillar candles on different sized candle holders and put lots of votive candles all over the house. Dress up the candle by putting a pretty ribbon around it.

Jars and Vases

You can do wonders with clear jars and vases! If you have little jars or canisters line them up on the kitchen counter and fill them with red and white candy, such as peppermints or candy canes. I have a few of the small thin vases and I have been able to use them in a couple ways. First, I bought a cheap string of red garland beads for about $1.99 and placed them into the clear vase, they look great! Those stray branches that you have to cut off your tree can be recycled and used for decorating. I cut the evergreen sprigs off and placed them in clear vases and put them on the window sills.


Ornaments aren’t only for the tree. If you have an ornament that has a message, for example an ornament with the word peace on it, hang it on a door knob of one of your rooms. Another idea is get a ribbon and string a number of bulbs on it and hang it above an entrance way.

Cypress Trees and Cinnamon Brooms

I bought a small cypress tree that I adore. These trees cost around $3.00-$4.00, they are small but they make a big impact in your room. Line three up on the window sill or put them on a coffee table with a festive Christmas ribbon tied around it and you have a great decoration.

The cinnamon broom is a new addition in my home that will become a fixture every year. Hang the broom up and it gives off the most wonderful scent. Mix that scent with the smell of pine and it is pure bliss. They also look rustic and charming.

Decorate the Kid’s Room

If you have little kids go back to your childhood and dig out your crafty side. Get some construction paper and make snowflakes. Hang them from the ceiling in their bedroom create a little winter wonderland. Put a small tree in their room, whether artificial or real and let them decorate it with unbreakable ornaments. Let them go wild with the tinsel and add a few lights, they’ll love it.

Print out stencils to trace their favorite Christmas characters to decorate and hang on their wall. Create a Christmas wall filled with snow, snowmen, Santa, candy canes, etc.

Nativity Scenes

No Christmas would be complete without a nativity scene. Nativity scenes can be expensive but you can also make your own. Many drugstores such as CVS or Rite Aids have Christmas decorations that are 50% off. Many of them have angels, Mary and Joseph and even small nativity sets that you can buy inexpensively. Whether it is a corner with a nativity scene or a table with spiritual literature and a comfortable chair that you can sit quietly around and pray and reflect on Jesus Christ, create a corner in your home that is dedicated to honoring the birth of Jesus Christ.

Have fun with the holidays. Think of creative ways to dress up your home with the warmth and coziness of the season. It doesn’t have to be an $80.00 strand of garland, it can be homemade or inexpensive items that add Christmas cheer to your surroundings. As moms we create the family traditions and memories that children will associate with the holidays. Make those memories precious and warm and always add a lot of love to everything you do.

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