Easy Lunchboxes Review

Conceived by Kelly Lester, Easy Lunchboxes, will transform not only how you “do” lunch but how you think about lunch.  It is my honor to introduce you to this creative mom with a lovely spirit and a concept that not only is earth friendly but family friendly.   Please take the time to read all about Kelly in her bio!

What is Easy Lunchboxes? Easy Lunchboxes is a system that allows you to pack lunches quickly, easily with less packaging all while saving money and promoting healthy eating.  Seriously, it does all that!  The only thing this systems does not do is pack the lunch.  Sorry mom, that’s still your job.  However, with these cute containers, I’m sure your kids will love to help out.  Each single lid container has three compartments to house a lunch with plenty of space for a sandwich and two sides.  You can consult Easy Lunchboxes for some fun lunch ideas to keep your kids and you from getting lunch burnout.   Since the Easy Lunchboxes provide room for sides, you no longer have to buy prepackaged foods!

Easy Lunchboxes are affordable.  A set of four containers costs $13.95 and  a carrying case (which comes in a variety of colors) costs $7.95.  So for $21.90 you are done for the year…wait…you are just plain done with lunch.  The construction on the containers and the carrying case will last you for years to come.  How much are you spending now on plastic baggies and prepackaged foods?

Let’s talk carrying case.  The carrying case is the perfect size, and I don’t say that lightly.  My husband brings his lunch to work almost daily.  I try to stuff as much as I can in his little cooler.  Often his thermos or water bottle is left out because there is no room after filling his cooler up with his lunch.  The insulated, vinyl-free, carrying case from Easy Lunchboxes, is small enough to carry easily but big enough to house your entire lunch including thermos and ice packs.  In fact, I can fit two Easy Lunchboxes containers, a bottle of water and an ice pack!  Really.  Now, it might bit stuffed but it can be done.  To distinguish your lunch carrying case you can add a clip on or key ring decoration which you can easily change as often as you like.

I am giving this item highest marks on quality, efficiency, ease of use, usefulness, economical and earth friendly.

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