Feed on the Word: Scripture Tableware from Lord’s Art

We surround ourselves with logos from a variety of companies like Nike, Hasbro, Toyota, and thousands more.  Our children know when we pass McDonald’s in the car before they can read.  Our minds are imprinted with so many logos and names we no longer say copy this page we say “xerox” this page as if it’s second nature.  Our hearts are filled with company slogans and jingles.  The world has become a part of us.  Is there room in our hearts and minds for God’s Word?  How can we replace the commercial replaying in our minds with the scripture that renews our hearts?

It was this quest that brought me to a company called Lord’s ArtLord’s Art has so many wonderful gifts and products.  However, what caught my eye in particular were the products that had scripture printed on them.  What a wonderful way to imprint God’s Word on your mind and heart instead of the Nike swoosh.  Surrounding yourself with God’s Word in this fashion does not replace your daily devotionals or fellowship with Lord or other Christians. However, it provides a reminder,  a moment of reflection, something holy for your eyes to feast on.

Given the opportunity to review from the Feed on the Word:  Scripture on Tableware line I was thrilled!  What a wonderful time to be reminded of the Lord…mealtime with family.  The plates are simple and elegant with scripture written beautifully in black.  You can purchase all your tableware needs or just a few.   If you need a new set of mugs or bowls, you can purchase just those needs.  Looking for a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift?  Purchase an entire set!

I reviewed appetizer plates from the Grace, Hope, Joy Prayer collection.   The set of four has a plate honoring one of the four attributes mentioned.

The verses used in this collection are:

  • Hebrews 4:16a
  • Romans 4:18
  • Nehemiah 8:10
  • Colossians 4:18

The plates are high quality and simply elegant.  They are fit to place on your walls for artwork as well!

Make every meal a time to reflect on the Lord and imprint on the minds of your family the purpose for being at the table.

Lord’s Art offers wonderful customer service, perfect packaging and a variety of items that honor the Lord.

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