Your Take on Properly Socializing and Connecting With Other Home Business Professionals

Some people online may react with the following: “Sure socializing is super easy, just join every forum and social network site available and post as many ads as you can.”

So, how far will this type of interaction get a home business owner? What do you think?

My opinion would be not far! If connecting with others in this way is your best shot at marketing and networking, the word “other” in the above title would not pertain to you. You would not be deemed as professional at all if you scoured the Internet in this fashion.

Yet, I see so many people doing this very thing and professing to make thousands upon thousands of dollars. Do they expect us to believe in their foolishness? You bet!

Unfortunately a large portion of the marketing population does believe in this and at the same time, they attempt to call themselves professionals.

Do they share their name, where they’re from, and what they do from home?

Do they contribute on forums or other social media with helpful answers, tips, or advice?

Do they take the time to welcome new members and make an effort to converse with them?

Obviously no. All they are interested in is getting their spammy web and affiliate links posted and leaving. Will these spammers be fondly remembered by their counterproductive negligence? I think not!

If you are a work at home professional, wouldn’t you treat people the way YOU yourself would want to be treated and respected? Well, the same goes with respecting the rules and guidelines on a public message forum.

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12

Below You Will Find The Top 3 Effective Business Tips To Connecting and Socializing

  1. Your main focus should be on truly getting to know others and building professional business relationships that would benefit both you and other members. Share what you know to the various social networks about your business. I’m not talking about spamming your business links. I’m talking about sharing tips, marketing strategies and ideas. Strive to always be available to share, advise, support, and encourage.
  2. You should put forth an effort to be remembered by being distinctive, assertive, and fresh. You want to offer something of value to the community. Detailing is key. One word answers simply won’t cut it. It’s important to consistently be fully attentive and as helpful as possible. This will help separate you from your counterparts. And cliché or not, first impressions are always important.
  3. Show other members of a network that you are genuinely interested in them. You may ask how long they have been in business, or why they chose what they do. Or perhaps what they are most passionate about. Ask specific questions that pertain to them, and in return, share something meaningful or unique about yourself.

By following the simple tips above you will be properly branding your business and yourself as credible and reliable. This will encourage consumers to remember and trust you.

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