Does God Exist??

I sure hope that YOU, the reader, do not ever have to even begin to ask yourself this simple question. Alas, there are many that do.

Please know that the below excerpt did not come from me, I did not write it. However, I have given the site it came from for your reference below.

“God doesn’t exist. Religion is the same as a cult, it just has a better face because so many people believe it. There is not one bit of scientific evidence that leads anyone to believe a super-natural power created the universe. The bible is a story book. Do we believe in Superman? No.”

Note: I found this online while doing a simple search on what people are saying about forcing kids to go to church. It is from the site,

I was consummately appalled after reading it! It was very difficult to read and absorb the concept of. I do have solid proof that there IS a God. :) Like it or not. And yes, there ARE real miracles. My mother, (God rest her soul), has told me about her own miracle over and over again. She had Alzheimer’s, so she of course repeated herself. And you know, she never ever forgot about that miracle. That experience lingered in her mind to the bitter end…that’s really a miracle in itself, given the Alzheimer’s status.

My mom taught me well about faith, our God, and the heavens. I tried my best to teach my son the same. Well, the memory of that experience lead me to search for the topic “forcing your kids to go to church” in the first place. Ahh, but I found the above excerpt instead and could not resist on writing up a post about it. I guess I’m guilty as charged for making my son go to church with me when he was little. But, that is a whole other topic. And no, I don’t think parents should force their kids to attend church if they don’t want to. It should be their choice. Live and learn, as we all do.

Now, back to my topic at hand…I was about to embellish on my mother’s miracle.

Mom had a serious case of tonsillitis when she was a young girl. She had a dangerously high fever and the chances of her survival did not look good. My grandfather (Mom’s father), was a minister and did not believe in doctors. So, what he did was carry her up a big hill to the church he pastored, praying every step of the way. After they were inside, Grandfather sat her on the front alter and fell to his knees in prayer.

Making a long story short, not long after, Mom began sweating, and her fever broke. She no longer had the sore throat and was able to walk home. Just like that, Mom was well. Amazing in itself, however this is not the superior point I was trying to make in my post here.

Years later after Mom became an adult, a doctor brought up something (he thought) was very odd during an exam. The doctor discovered she had no tonsils and also that they were not surgically removed. Well, with my mom being the spiritual lady that she was retorted to the doctor, “God removed them.” I sure would have liked to see that doctor’s face at that precise moment. It is true, Mom had no tonsils. She received a miracle from God. He wanted her on this earth for a reason.

Romans 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.

Psalms 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…

This is a true story, however, I should rephrase it as fact. Hearing Grandfather tell it, and also preach about it, always gave me goosebumps. I can still hear his voice, even though he is gone from this world.

Now, this is not the only proof I have that there IS a God. I simply feel him in my heart and his protection on my family and myself each and every day. I also have had various occasions when something good happened in my life that I have no explanation for except, it had to be God. As I’m sure numerous others have had.

If you have a particular miracle that has happened to you or someone dear to you, please share it and of course, any comments you have.

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