Avoid Arthritis Flareups by Avoiding Certain Foods

Some research has shown that the foods we eat affect arthritis flare ups. While it is always recommended that you see a doctor, avoiding the following foods could be a healthier choice whether arthritis is a concern or not. Eating healthy should be something we do as part of a continual lifestyle. However, if what we eat can cause or prevent painful side affects, we may want to pay attention!

Foods to Avoid with Arthritis:

Too much red meat. Meat has a type of fat that can stimulate the manufacturing of painful inflammatory agents in the body. For those with arthritis, this may be a cause of flare ups. Cutting meat entirely or at the very least the amount of meat we eat and adding more veggies may help with pain. Studies have shown that when patients with RA are put on a vegetarian, or even better, vegan diet, there is improvement in as little as a month!

Side Note: Oily fish rich in omeg-3 fatty acids is good. Research shows that eating fish helps the immune system. Warding off about half the release of compounds called cytokines that help with the destruction of joints. Bottom line…more omega 3’s means less harmful cytokines.

Dairy. Some people find that limiting dairy products helps. Giving up animal protein altogether helps many people as well.

Omega 6 fatty acids. Obviously we need these. However, they help increase inflammation, so only eat what is needed for a healthy body. Avoid an overabundance of them.

Refined sugar. There are many things wrong with this overly processed poison. From an arthritic standpoint it can cause inflammation. Not good for pain management.Refined sugars should be swapped for all natural sweeteners, fruit, etc.

Foods that are rich in oxalic acid or oxalates. Some culprits high in this acid are; star fruit, parsley, poppy seed, rhubarb, beets, most nuts and beans.

Nightshade foods. Some people find relief when they avoid foods in the nightshade family. Examples; tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant, tobacco, bell peppers, and some spices. The spices include; cayenne, chili and paprika.

A few other foods that may increase the odds of a flare up; caffeine, too much salt, processed meats, nitrates, gluten, soft drinks and alcohol.

Every person is different. What affects one may do nothing to another. In order to really know how your body may react to certain foods is do self testing. Pay attention to what you eat. Keep a food diary and make note when you have arthritis flareups. Soon, a pattern will be formed and you will know what to avoid.

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