Successful Home Based Business With Little Blessings Under Foot – Some Helpful Tips

My infant and toddler care skills go back twenty five years, however, I am currently learning a thing or two as I’m caring for my first grandson. And oh, what a time we are having…all good times except for some normal fussy outbursts. What do babies do? Of course they are going to fuss, it’s inevitable. They wouldn’t be babies if they didn’t.

I’m cherishing every single moment that I have with him. Grandchildren are amazing gifts from God, also known as grandparent’s little blessings. My husband and I have been graced with this little person that has just absolutely stolen our hearts, and also changed our whole world, as we know it.

As a work at home professional, I know all too well all the big and small interruptions that take place during a typical work at home day. And young children definitely can contribute to interruptions, as they desperately need your attention. There are various things you can do, you DO have a few options to consider. I myself, am faced with many challenges of coming up with effective ways to keep my grandson content as I battle my list of daily tasks.

Through my experiences with being both a mom and grandmother, I have a few suggestions. These can of course prove to be effective with both children and grandchildren.

Below are a few tips (depending on age) that may help

* Work in the evenings and weekends. Hey, we all have to do what we have to do. Depending on what you do from home, schedule the biggest part of your work for weekends and evenings when Dad is home and can look after your little ones. Then you can concentrate on your kids during the week days more.

* Set your alarm so that you get up in the morning an hour or two before your kids do. This will give you some quiet time to get some serious work done.

* Make play dates with other moms that also have little children at home. This will give your children a chance to get to know and get used to being with other kids and at the same time, give you at least one day, or at least a portion of it, to accomplish your home business tasks.

* Work while your little ones are napping. Now in my case with my grandson, these moments are few and far between. I guess my little man gets apprehensive and always thinks he’s going to miss something, as he rarely naps for any length of time during the day. It may be 20 minutes here and there. And if I’m lucky, he will nap for maybe an hour. Take advantage of those naps, and get as much work done as you can.

* If your children are old enough, give them something useful to do that will get them involved with your business. This can be various things. Emptying trash, preparing outgoing mail, such as brochures, flyers, envelopes, and the like, tidying up your office, and really anything that pertains to your home business. Again, these little chores all depend on age.

* What about grandparents? Some grandmothers or grandfathers don’t have any commitments that need their attention and are very willing to care for your infant or toddler while you do your work. And some of them gladly do it for no charge at all.

* If your kids are just beneath school age, then they are old enough to listen to you and display their best behavior in exchange for an hour or two at the public pool or at their favorite pizza place. Explain to your little ones just how important your online work is, make them understand that it’s part of the family income. They will be more inclined to behaving themselves if you agree to spend time with them in return.

* And finally, if all else fails and if your finances will allow it, hire a child care provider. I know this can be quite expensive. If you are considering this option, make for sure the fees will accommodate your financial situation.

Above all, make sure you don’t slight your children or grandchildren. Always find time to be with them. They are indeed your life, your little blessings. And spending more time with them is one of the significant reasons why you chose to work from home in the first place. Treasure these moments, you will regret it if you don’t.

Hope the tips above are of some help!

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