5 Fun Fall Activities For The Whole Family

After a sizzling, hot summer the crispness of fall is welcomed like a breath of fresh air. You can breathe again and it’s almost like you feel rejuvenated and alive. With its beautiful changes of colors of leaves, there are many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

The outdoors is a great place to explore during the fall. Not only will you find gorgeous shades of reds, oranges and golden leaves, you will find acorns and chestnuts. These are great to use for craft items.

Fall Family Craft Ideas

1. Fall is apple season so go apple picking at your local farm. You can make batches of applesauce can and freeze them, bake apple pies, crumbles, crisps etc., or make caramel apples for Halloween. There is so much you can do with apples. How about pumpkin pies and hearty harvest soups? If you enjoy baking or cooking imagine all the wonderful aromas wafting in your home.

2. Whenever I think of fall it reminds me of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Enjoy hay rides with the family or go on a corn maze expedition.

3. Go bike riding, horseback riding, walking or hiking are ideal activities to do on the weekends.

4. Raking leaves and jumping into the pile is a traditional fall activity.

5. Check your local community for social events or festivals.

Don’t forget to save some for rainy day craft activities.

Here are several ideas.

– Make a mask by collecting leaves and using glue or a paper mache recipe of water and flour mixture. Pour some flour into a bowl and gradually add water and mix. Get it to the consistency of glue. Make sure there are no lumps and then decorate a plain mask that can be used for Halloween or put on the wall as art work. You can decorate other items like a plastic bowl, paper plate, glass jars etc. for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Use other items you’ve found outside like acorns and chestnuts.

– Make a scarecrow. You can stuff an old pillowcase for the head, the shirt and pants with dry leaves.

– Make cards for any occasions.

– Make a scrapbook.

Fall is a beautiful season with many fun activities. Enjoy it before the cold temperatures come.

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