Blissdom, Clothes, Business Cards and PURPLE World??


You may have read that I am going to Blissdom to represent Moms of Faith this year. If not, you can read it here.

Anyway, I have been preparing for our trip over the past two weeks. I have been preparing my body since I signed up to go in October! LOL! I am very excited about all that I will learn, who I will meet, and what this whole experience will do to better Moms of Faith…and me!

I will be sure to share all of my experiences along the way…


I have lost 26.5 pounds as of today. When I began my journey in October 2010, I had a very clear goal to not be “the fat one.” I did not want to go meet people and feel like Petunia pig! LOL! So, I have been working hard and am happier every time I get on the scale. However, I still have a ways to go to reach my official goal. I want to be be pre-second-child weight by my next birthday (March 2011). I have roughly 25 pounds to get there…

Now, since I am going to Blissdom. I do need clothes. Nothing crazy…just “me” clothes that fit right. Sooooo, I went shopping and almost cried. I was still too fat for some of the cutest outfits I found at this AWESOME consignment shop I go to. Unfortunately, I did not get anything to write home about. However, I did find a few items that will at least help me feel good about how I look while still looking like me.

Why do I care? LOL! I don’t know really. If you knew me in person, you would know that I normally do not give a rip what people think of me. For some unknown reason I feel like I am in high school again and want to fit in! AH! It is downright exhausting!

OK, well, just be gentle when I share pics from the event and you see what I picked out!

Business Cards

This was a doozy for me. I went on a search a couple weeks ago (note to self: get this done at LEAST a month in advance next time), and found a nice lady who said she could make my business cards. You see, I had a very specific vision for what I wanted, and how I wanted them to go with the flow of Moms of Faith’s website look. So, I paid, sent my image files, and waited. She said they would go out in plenty of time for my trip. Wednesday of this week came and I was getting antsy. I emailed her. She sent me back a very long email at 12am Thursday morning stating she was unable to make them as well as she hoped and could only salvage 130! AH!

She was very nice about it. She refunded my money and had sent the 130 overnight mail. However, at the end of the day I had no time to do anything but live with whatever I was getting!

They came yesterday afternoon.

I was SOOOO disappointed to only have 130. I have heard we need a lot more because they are basically our calling cards at events like this. It is how you get your info out there…

I was also disappointed at how tiny my Twitter and Facebook info is. AH!

I just hope they are a hit and not a miss!

Through my stress over the cards, I was blessed with a wonderful teenage daughter to remind me that God is still in control and 130 must be just enough! <3

OK, so, I will end this post on a light note…

Purple World???

I was talking to my girls about the drive to Nashville and how long it will take. My six year old was asking a lot of questions and I was answering. Then, she gets this adorable puzzled look on her face and asks me; “What about purple world??? We go through purple world before we get to our DAYcation in TennENTssee!! I always wanted to go to purple world!!” (lol)

What is purple world you ask?

It took me a moment to realize just what “purple world” was. Well, it is the state (Georgia) we drive through the longest to get to Nashville. It is purple on the map we have! LOL!

It was truly a funny moment that made me realize what a blessing this whole trip will be. Aside from flabby thighs, being the new girl on the block and minimal business cards…I get to take my family and enjoy some time with them, and I get to have an awesome experience at Blissdom that I am certain will be life changing!


  1. Dianna @SincerelyMe on January 26, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    I’m sure you are going to have a great time at Blissdom. I am aiming for Blissdom 2012. :)

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