Persistence And Faith Are The Keys To Your Home Business

Persistence and faith are two of the most important ingredients of any successful home business. You certainly need plenty of both if you’re going to make it in the online business world. Success can’t happen without sustaining generous characteristics of both.

First let’s define the words “persistence” and “faith”


The quality of being determined to do or achieve something or firmness of purpose. From “”


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – King James Version Hebrews 11:1

Without the above traits, you will surely fall short of sustaining the resilience to consistently strive to meet and reach your business goals. Having faith and believing in yourself play a huge role with this. If you don’t have the faith in your home business or in yourself, your virtual road will undoubtedly be paved with set backs. And quite frankly, faith is what’s going to either make or break your business.

However, persistence is high up there on the list of home business priorities. Developing a “can do” attitude is a must! Also don’t spiral into the habit of second guessing yourself. Go with your gut instincts, and never give up.

Although, it is essential to remember to go easy on yourself at times, and when you DO fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep forging ahead. If you don’t, you are surely doomed to failure. If you have a stubborn streak inside yourself like I do, that’s a good thing. Stubborn people don’t give up easily. ;)

Important Reminder To Yourself: If we all were perfect and all went perfectly smooth without any bumps in the road 100% of the time, we would never learn from our mistakes and also would not be the strong people we are today.

Prayer: Please Lord, give me the strength and power to promote and manage my business consistently and sufficiently. Also give me a “no quit” attitude. Lord, give me the faith I need to grow my business to prosperity. In Jesus name, Amen.

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