Start the Day Off Right With A Healthy Breakfast

I was never a breakfast person, even when I was a child. That is until I had to make breakfast for my daughter, then I began eating it and what a big difference it makes in your day. Kids need a good start to their day and although mornings can be crazy so it is important we fuel our kids up with the right foods. Breakfast can either give us energy or it can make us feel sluggish if we eat sugary foods and empty calories. Breakfast is relatively cheap and even if you have a hectic schedule you can still fit in a nutritious meal.

Tips to Help Start your Family’s Day off with a Healthy Breakfast

1. Eggs are a great source of protein, especially egg whites. Make an egg white omelet and add some fresh basil, pepper, or veggies to make it extra yummy.
2. Wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas. This is one of my favorites it is delicious and I’m always satisfied after eating it.
3. I never ate oatmeal until I got the flu and I realized what I was missing! I love oatmeal, you can eat it plain or buy the flavored packs and they are delicious! Grab a couple packs and take them to work if your running out the door. You just have to add water it doesn’t get easier than this.
4. Yogurt with fresh fruit and granola is simple and tastes good.
5. Cereals are an all time favorite. Try eating cereals that aren’t sugary such as Cheerios, Wheaties, or any cereals that are whole grain, load it up with fruit and try almond milk.
6. Smoothies and protein shakes loaded with fruit will give you lots of energy throughout the morning.
7. Pancakes can be healthy try wheat or whole grain pancakes and top it with fruit or nuts such as walnuts.
8. Hard boiled eggs are good if you are on the run in the morning.
9. French toast made with whole wheat, egg whites, cinnamon and fruit on top is a health alternative to high calorie french toast
10. Grapefruit is another quick and easy option.

Don’t skip breakfast. If you have to grab a banana, a piece of fruit or some almonds to give you an extra boost. Start off your family’s day off with a nutritious breakfast.

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