(Edible Wedding Favors)

Where to buy:

If you are planning your wedding, how about some edible wedding favors? The company offers many different kinds of wedding favors in various price ranges that will please your guests’ palate.

For example, I really like the Custom Fortune Cookies, Personalized Hot Sauce Bottles, Personalized Mini Stawberry Jams or how about Personalized M&M Tins, Personalized Chocolate Lollipop or Gourmet Cupcake Mixes. Or if you want to have something a bit more luxurious, how about the Custom Wedding Truffles: three delicious artisan chocolate truffles in a lovely box with ribbon. Another fun favor is the Personalized Mini Gumball Machine or the Personalized Candy Barrel. There are lots more of these edible favors on the company’s website. I am sure there is something for every taste and wedding theme.

Overall, I think this company offers fantastic and unique edible wedding favors that will add a nice touch to a special day.

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