Faith and Business 101: A few Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out

What will make your blog stand out from the thousands of other blogs online? One of the many things bloggers don’t think of is how to make theirs different and attract readers to subscribe and visit their blogs often.

Besides coming up with a great niche and topics to write about, a blog design is important. An ugly blog design will certainly make YOUR blog stand out, but that’s not the stand out you want to attract. You can choose a simple template and then tweak it with your personal touch like adding a customize header.

Once you personalize your blog, you will need to add content, but not just any content…quality content. It’s important to have your voice heard. There’s different ways to get your content across so bear in mind you don’t have to always write the same way. Use humor or sarcasm (but don’t use to offend), be a little controversial (it doesn’t hurt if approach it the right way), use facts citing from reliable sources, or simply state your opinion.

Look for guest bloggers with authority to write exclusive content for you. This is a great way to network with others in the same niche as you, but they may have more knowledge in a particular area. This way you don’t have to worry about writing misinformation which can hurt your credibility.

When you blog, write about what matters to people. In other words, write for impact. Are you writing on a topic that will inspire someone to take action, plant a thought or solve a problem? People have a thirst for knowledge. Are you satisfying that thirst?

Spice it up with video if you’re not camera shy. Some people enjoy the visual aspect of it and who knows it may be an easier way for you to blog.

These are just a few ways to get your blog to stand out from the rest. The key to remember is quality content, uniqueness and consistency.

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