Atkins Advantage Shakes

I recently took off 45 pounds. Part of my diet plan was following low carb guidelines. The most important thing for me when trying to lose/maintain weight is that I am enjoying what I eat. I cannot do any type of diet plan that makes me miserable. It only leads to failure for me.

After a lot…and I mean a LOT of searching…tasting…gagging…repeat; I finally found a few things that I could enjoy that offer me a quick meal AND enjoyment. One of these items is Atkins Advantage Shakes. They come in several flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mocha.

I was very surprised by what my favorite flavor turned out to be. Normally, I would have been convinced chocolate would be a front runner. However, my favorite turned out to be strawberry of all flavors??!! LOL! Weird. I NEVER like strawberry unless it is the actual fruit. Go figure. I also like the milk chocolate, vanilla and dark chocolate in that order. My least favorite is the mocha. It is not bad–just not for me. I prefer real coffee. :)

I was really impressed by the textures and non-grainy taste of these shakes. Normally, diet foods are not palatable for me. However, the Atkins Advantage shakes are actually very tasty. So much so, that when I ended the low carb portion of my diet plan, I continued (and still do) to purchase the shakes as an easy and high vitamin meal option.

Quick Tip: Blend 1 vanilla OR strawberry shake with 4-7 frozen strawberries until smooth. This is my breakfast many mornings. Yummy. Filling. Most importantly–healthy!

I am a fan of Atkins Advantage Shakes and would encourage anyone who is on a diet to give them a whirl. Even if you are not dieting, they are a healthy addition to any eating plan!

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