Celebrating in Separation

When you’re living life as a military spouse it means that there will most likely come a time when you will have to be apart from your hubby for special occasions. I just celebrated my 6th anniversary thousands of miles away from my husband. He’ll also miss out on both his and my birthday in July, along with our little boy’s very first birthday.

When things like this come along and you can’t be together it’s hard to get into the happy, celebrating mood. It’s best for everyone if you do try to make the most out of it, however.  Here are some ideas to celebrate and share while apart!

Send goodie boxes. I just sent a bunch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, a handwritten love note from me, and a picture drawn by my daughter. A good thing to know for military spouses is that Amazon is great about shipping directly to APO address. They even have a “how-to” fill out the form when you’re shipping to a military address.

Today’s day and age makes keeping in touch so easy! Thanks to things like Facebook and Skype you can easily keep in touch as long as your spouse has computer access. I invested in a smart phone and so I’m able to keep up with my hubby over Skype anytime he has computer access, even if I’m away from one. This has been such a wonderful way for us to keep tabs on each other! Even though we can’t do the video or voice most of the time just getting a IM saying that he is safe and loves me makes my day!

Facebook is great for sharing pictures, especially if you have kids. By uploading pictures of the day or events your spouse can feel like they are still a part of your life, and can watch your kids growing as they are gone.

How you stay in touch is really only limited to how imaginative you can be! If you don’t have easy internet access or they don’t keeping a journal daily of letters to them and then mailing it is a great idea as well! If you put forth the effort time apart can be a wonderful, strengthening thing for you and your relationship!

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