Voila! Beef Lo Mein

When my oldest daughter hit 11th grade, I decided it was time for her to learn how to prepare a meal for a family from start to finish. So, every Tuesday is her night to cook. She is very creative and has made some incredible and delicious home made dinners. I am a HUGE fan of her cream of broccoli soup and her mini spinach quiches. YUM!

However, there are days when her school day is just tedious, and our week is far too filled with appointments and activities for her to go “all out”. Because of this, I bought a few quick and easy ready made dinners for these occasions.

One of them was Voila! Beef Lo Mein.

It was VERY easy for her to prepare. Her exact words were: “It was the easiest thing I ever had to cook.”

It was also very tasty! The whole family enjoyed the meal–even the young one! My husband enjoyed it enough to take the leftovers to work for lunch the next day as well. :)

The portion would have been far too small for our family of four using just one package, so, two were used with just enough left over for a light lunch. My daughter also served Pillsbury Crescent rolls with the dinner. They were a nice compliment to the dish.

In closing, if you are looking for a quick and easy dinner that also tastes good, Voila! Beef Lo Mein is a winner in my book! :)

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