10 Back to School Safety Tips

It’s that favorite time of year again for parents who have kids going back to school. Find a convenient time to sit down with your child(ren) and discuss safety and set rules to ensure your kid’s arrive at school safely.

10 Back to School Safety Tips

1. If your child is walking to school, make sure they can (if possible) walk with a friend, neighbor, or an older sibling. In some neighborhoods, a parent can set up something called a “walking train”. Each child is met at their house en route to school so you have the same group of children walking together daily on the same route. This walking train can also meet after school and walk home together.

If you have an older and younger child, make sure your oldest know where to meet the younger child so they can walk home together.

2. It’s important your child walks the same route to and from school. You can walk with your child before school starts or walk with them until they are comfortable. Choose a route that a lot of kids walk on so you know there is always someone on that route. This is a good idea if you’re new to the neighborhood and it’s another way for your child to make new friends.

3. Remind your child to always look both ways before crossing the street even on quiet side streets. Even though it seems there are very little cars on the road, don’t forget about cyclists as they can be going at top speeds. Always use the crosswalk properly and don’t diagonally cross the street.

4. Always cross at the light when there is one and avoid jaywalking. If there is a cross guard, take direction from him or her. They’re there for a reason and it’s to ensure your child’s safety.

Tell your child when they are in the school zone parents don’t always abide by the rules especially in parking or speed limits. Again, don’t run behind cars, use the crosswalk, and remember to use pedestrian rules for looking both ways before crossing. Many accidents happen when the driver and pedestrian fail to make eye contact. If a car is turning and the driver is looking the other way, don’t cross until they make eye contact and then they may signal for you to cross first.

5. Don’t allow your child to listen to their iPod with earphones or texting while walking. They need to be aware of their surroundings.

6. If your child is riding a bike or scooter to school, they should always wear a helmet and no listening with earphones on their iPod.

7. Tell your child not to talk to strangers and make sure your child tells you about it so you’re aware. If it happens frequently that a stranger is approaching your child or another child then they should report it to their school immediately.

8. Tell your child if they are accepting a ride home from a friend’s parent, they should let you know so all communication is clear.

9. If your child is riding on the bus, make sure they know to get there on time and explain what to do if they miss it. There should also be rules on bus safety which you should discuss with your child.

10. Make sure your child knows their address, phone number and parents’ cell phone numbers.

These are important back to school safety tips and reminders.

What safety tips can you add to this? Please share your comments below.

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