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Summer is winding down and that means back to school! I absolutely loved going back to school when I was a kid. The thought of school supplies, new clothes, and a new year would keep me smiling for days on end! I would actually make goals for the upcoming school year with a friend of mine who shared the same excitement. We’d sit for hours talking about our goals and putting them in writing. Now, if your kids aren’t into make a list of goals for the upcoming year there are other ways to get them excited for the new school year. My daughter is going to Kindergarten, a milestone that has me thrilled yet painfully aware of how quickly time passes. As I was washing her uniforms I had a flashback of when I was washing her baby clothes and preparing for her birth, I can hardly believe she is five! As her books (yes I had to order 16 books for KG) come trickling in I’m reminded that my baby is entering into school! She’s been in daycare and Pre-K but this is definitely different. This is a big deal and I wanted her to enter into the year knowing that this is a special time. So I threw a party, a welcome to Kindergarten Hawaiian bash! Kids love to celebrate so why not throw a party to start the school year off with a bang! You don’t have to break the bank; it can be simple, cheap and fun!

Here are a few ideas on throwing your kid a back to school party

Keep the Party Manageable

Keep in mind this isn’t a birthday party, it is a back to school party. Ask your kids to write a list of friends they want to invite and give them a limit to the number of people who can attend. My daughter had two of her very good friends come over and this worked out perfectly. It kept the cost down, it was small and manageable. Limit the attendees to very good friends and the number shouldn’t be to outrageous. You also don’t want to be stressed out, the start of the school year can be hectic so don’t make it too hard on you.

Pick a Theme

Party themes are great fun! Talk to your kids about choosing a theme for the party. Since it is close to the end of summer, I wanted our party to have a beach feeling. Maybe your kids might want to do a drive in movie theme, a dance party, or a 50’s back to school party get creative and have fun with it!

Buy Decorations on the Cheap

Remember low stress and lots of fun, so decorations shouldn’t cost a mint. I went to the dollar store and for about twenty dollars I bought grass skirts, flamingo sunglasses, leis, flowers for their hair, pineapple cups, a net that I hung and put shovels and fish in, a blow up flamingo, and a few other fun items for their gift bags. Also utilize what you already have! I used sea shells I had to spread on the table, a beach chair, a big shovel, a beach sign, and a sand pail. Dig through the basement or attic you’re sure to find something and don’t forget to visit your local dollar store.

Choose Easy Food

For my beach/Hawaiian bash I cut open a pineapple and put strawberries, grapes, mangos, and apples inside it, then I placed additional fruit around the pineapple and made a face out of grapes and a mouth out of a strawberry. The kids loved it! It was cute and healthy! Later each of them made their own box of cupcakes and got to decorate them. Choose food that is healthy, easy, and won’t take hours to prepare. It’s still summer so grill out, order pizza, or simply throw together a picnic lunch.

Goody Bags

Goody bags are really optional. I decided to give them because there were only two girls and I wanted us to show our appreciation for them coming. I bought simple red bags and put a picture of them and my daughter on each bag. Inside the bag instead of candy, were some school supplies such as pencils, cute erasers, a supply holder, and a framed picture of them and Anya, they also got to take home their leis, pineapple cups, and accessories from the party. Go simple and cheap. You can get a pack of pencils, folders, or notebooks for about three bucks at the dollar store.

Lastly, have fun! Don’t be too structured. If the party is for little ones, try to plan out some games in advance. But, let them play and enjoy one another’s company. Take lots of pictures for the scrapbook and invite the parents to hang out or leave their kids with you so they get an afternoon to themselves. Back to school is still, in my opinion, as exciting as ever especially since now I’m the mom!

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