Faith and Business 101: Finding Affordable Advertising (pt. 4)

Now that we’ve covered all the different free social media options and blogging for advertisement it’s time to move on to advertisement that you would actually pay for. You can actually use social media even more if you’re willing to pay for it. You can purchase ads to promote your fan page through Facebook for a fairly reasonable price, and many PR friendly bloggers offer sponsor posts or sidebar ads for not too much as well.

There are also many specific PR companies who offer advertising packages for small business owners. For your money they will continuously promote you and your business. A few sites like Living Your Moment offer free basic listings, and then for additional money will promote your business. Many companies are currently doing holiday gift guides, this is a wonderful way to get your product and business right before the eyes of moms who will be in the purchasing mood!

A great thing to look for is companies like Mommy Bag Marketing, who offer super unique advertising-samples and coupons in “goodie bags” that are distributed to moms. Finding businesses like this will make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, which is precious when you need maximum bang! All of these are wonderful ways to invest your dollars.

A key thing to remember when advertising, however, is not to expect the sales to come a rolling in right away. Advertising is mostly about getting your product in front of people’s eyes and branding your item. That way they will come back and purchase it down the line–or recommend it to their family and friends.

One last piece of advice is to seek out another momprenuer who is in a similar line of sales and ask what has worked for her. You might even go to your “competition” and ask for advice! One of the amazing things about the Christian moms business world I’ve noticed is that it’s not about knocking each other down. I have seen many PR and advertising companies who help each other out and recommend clients to each other.

Through a little research and hard work you’ll be sure to find an affordable and effective means of advertising!

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