Where is your quota when it comes to God?

If you are like me then you grew up in a Christian home and were spoon fed the Bible all your life. I can quote all the books of the Bible, backwards probably if I needed to. I can tell you about all the stories of the people in the Bible who said “Here am I Lord, send me”. Women, even, like Ester and Ruth who took the positions and hardships thrust upon them and through a surrendered life for God made amazing things happen.

Hearing these stories is one thing, living them is quite the other.

Up until recently I would have thought of myself as a fairly spiritually mature Christian. I’ve been a Christian since I was old enough to know what that really meant, as I said I grew up in church and was even homeschooled. I even write a devotional column on a website called Moms of Faith for goodness sake!

Through many different things lately I’ve been convicted about how much of my heart and life is truly dedicated to God-or rather, how little. I’ve never thought of myself as selfish or shallow in the least. Different things have kept coming up that have caused me to closely re-examine myself. Giving all to serve God and trusting Him to provide sounds all fine and dandy until you actually seriously start considering it.

A good question to ask yourself is how would you respond if your husband was to walk in today and announce he was quitting his job, moving you and your children so he could attend Bible college for the next 4 years, and then you would go into full time Christian service-possibly in the third world country.

Now, we’d all *like* to say that we would sweetly and enthusiastically throw everything aside to support our spouse and serve our Lord. When I was recently thinking about this, however, I had a very different response. I realized I *like* all my things, I have a hard time imagining parting with them. I like my nice Boston apartment with its master bedroom, garden tub, and granite counter-tops. Would I be willing to move into a tiny place and give up what I had always considered the few luxuries we could afford? Would I be willing to leave America and my family to serve the Lord? My answer was yes….but that I would probably do it kicking and screaming all along the way. Not a godly response, no. But a truly honest one.

Sometimes God needs to open our eyes to how shallow we really are and call us back to Himself. I know He just did for me.

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