Stopping to stare

When you’re a work from home mom it means that you rarely have a moment to sit. If you’re a military spouse and a work from home mom then you might feel like you don’t even have time to breathe.

The thing is, life without breath doesn’t work out very well.

The last few months have been a little bit beyond crazy for me, as I’ve mentioned. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and heat is dripping under the middle too. Multitasking is a beautiful thing but I found myself emailing on my smartphone when I was supposed to be playing with the kids outside. The constant work was stressing me out big time. That day I realized that I just needed to stop and breathe before I began to hyper ventilate! So I put the phone away, laid on the grass, and stared up at the sky. I could feel my stress and tension start to melt away as I looked at the gorgeous Wyoming sky and the sun hitting the clouds. My daughter lay with me and pointed out all the puppies and elephants that she saw. We spent 20 minutes just laying there together. I felt so much better and peaceful when we went back inside, that I was actually able to focus a whole lot better and actually be more productive when I got back to my work.

If we don’t allow, or rather *force* ourselves to relax and do absolutely nothing every now and then we will burn ourselves completely out and then we will not be any good to work or take care of our families! It’s very important that we do not allow this to happen!

You don’t necessarily have to sit and stare up at the clouds (although that is a great suggestion!!) but do find what relaxes you most whether it’s sitting and drinking coffee watching the sunrise, sitting and watching the sunset, watching the clouds, laying down on the floor and closing your eyes, or whatever! Make sure you find something and block out a 20 minute time–even if it is just once a week–to recharge your batteries!

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