Thanksgiving Fun Facts

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US on Thursday, November 24, 2011 and it’s a bigger celebration (not so much of the holiday itself, but what happens after Thanksgiving Day) than our Canadian neighbors who celebrate their Thanksgiving on Monday, October 10, 2011. Although the dates change for both countries each year, one way to remember it is in the US, it’s on the fourth Thursday in November, while Canada’s fall on the second Monday in October.

Canada doesn’t have Black Friday, however, they have something called Boxing Day which happens after Christmas Day on December 26th. This is their version of Black Friday. For some of us, Black Friday is a huge event where we could find, buy and get awesome items at bargain basement prices. It’s more enjoyable to shop online to avoid the crowds and unruly people, but you might also be limited to certain items. If it’s your family tradition to get in all the hustle and bustle, then I hope it’s worth your time and you find some fabulous new toys you can play with.

Family and friends gather for a festive celebration of turkey, stuffing, seasonal vegetables (maybe brussel sprouts since I love them, but my family doesn’t. LOL…shh) potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and other desserts. Sometimes people watch football or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Whatever people do, there’s always a gathering of people enjoying some good food and drinks.

Here’s for the younger kids and maybe some adults who may enjoy eleven fun Thanksgiving facts.

1. What are male turkeys called?
Toms. Okay that was easy.

2. What’s the flabby part under a turkey’s neck called?

3. How many miles per hour can a wild turkey fly?
Wild turkeys can fly up to 55 mph. Domesticated turkeys can’t fly.

4. How fast can a turkey trot?
It can trot up to 20 mph.

5. What percentage of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
A whopping 91%.

6. What food is becoming more popular and consumed, other than turkey, by Americans?
Turducken. It’s a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck into a de-boned turkey. That’s major protein!

7. What was the weight of the heaviest turkey?
It weighed in at 86 pounds. That’s a size of a fairly large dog.

8. How many pounds of turkey do Americans consume each year?
16-18 pounds.

9. All turkeys go, “gobble, gobble”. True or False?
If you said, true, you’re wrong…kind of. Male turkeys gobble, hens cluck.

10. What happens if a turkey looks up towards the sky when it’s raining?
Believe it or not, it can drown.

11. What US towns are named Turkey?
Turkey, Texas
Turkey Creek, Louisiana
Turkey, North Carolina

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Your favorite foods? How about Black Friday and what bargains are you looking for?

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