Meal Ideas For Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

If you have leftover turkey on Thanksgiving, you’re not alone. If you can’t divvy up the leftovers and make food care packages for your guests or family to take home, your other choice is to find ways to re-purpose the turkey and other goodies. Easier said than done? Not at all because there are many ways to come up with new meals for all times of the day. Another great thing about leftovers is re-purposing your turkey and freezing it so you have pre-made meals ready to pop in the oven for those really busy days. These are only suggestions. Feel free to create and experiment with any ingredients.

Creative Leftover Ideas for After Thanksgiving

Turkey Omelet – Eggs, green onion, cheese, diced green/red/yellow/orange peppers

Turkey Frittata

Turkey Barley Soup – Barley, corn, celery, chicken broth or broth made from the turkey carcass, carrots, and onions

Turkey Soup with Dumplings – You can use the leftover stuffing as your dumplings. Roll the stuffing into a ball. You may have to use a bit of flour to hold it together.

Turkey Sandwiches, Wraps and Rollups

Turkey Enchiladas – Cheddar and Monterey cheese, black olives, enchilada sauce, 4 cups chopped turkey

Turkey Quesadillas, Fajitas, Burritos, Tacos

Turkey Chili – Diced, minced or shredded turkey

Turkey Pizza

Turkey Stomboli – Pizza dough, cranberry sauce, leftover stuffing, cheese, gravy

Turkey Casseroles

Turkey Lasagna – Shredded turkey

Turkey Tetrazzini – Chicken broth or turkey broth from carcass, milk, Parmesan cheese, 4 cups of cooked turkey

Turkey Pot Pie – Leftover veggies

Turkey Quiche

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie – Use leftover gravy, shredded carrots, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, 2 cups cubed turkey

Turkey Stir Fry or Pad Thai

Turkey Fried Rice – Diced or shredded turkey

Turkey Risotto

Turkey Salads

Turkey Stew – Last minute to add the turkey

Turkey Croquettes – Sliced turkey, leftover potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy. Rachael Ray has a nice recipe here.

If you have mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes left over, you can make pancakes, sweet potato pie or sweet potato casserole.

You can use the ingredients you currently have in your pantry or you may have to buy some more to add to it. Either way, you’ll create amazing meals using leftover turkey and nothing goes to waste. Keep in mind, leftover turkey in the fridge should be eaten within two days. If you freeze it, you should eat it within a month. Any time longer and it may just dry out even in properly sealed containers.

Do you have any Thanksgiving Leftover ideas to share?? Please leave a comment below! :)

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