Truly Thankful

If you’ve been following this column you’ll know that the past 8 months has been a little bit on the side of nutso around here. It is with a full, relieved, and truly thankful heart that I can report that I am now safely back at home with my wonderful brave hubby safely by my side. This Thanksgiving the true meaning of being thankful for what matters has never struck home more deeply.

Although the deployment was long and extremely hard at times, both my husband and I have come away with a new love for each other and maturity as people because of it. No matter how great your marriage is once you’ve been in it for several years the sparkle dulls a little and you begin to take each other for granted–at least, I know that is where I had found myself. Being forced to be apart helped me to realize just how amazing my husband is, just how much he does for our family, and just how much I need and love him. It’s been like being a newlywed again since he got home, we sit giggling at each other, we flirt, we laugh and laugh. Now that we’re together again it’s like a huge burden has been lifted off of everyone’s shoulders, including the kids.

Living in someone’s basement for 6 months made me realize what a wonderful thing it is to be in my own space with just my own little family. I used to get sad about having to spend the holidays with “just us” I am giddy about the fact that it’ll be the four of us together for Thanksgiving this year.

Sometimes you just really need to get a reality check in order to make you stop and think really hard about what is important in life. In the busyness of living it’s far to easy to slip into complacency and annoyance at the people and things you should be cherishing the most. When is the last time that you delighted in the company of your spouse? When is the last time you were thankful they could spend the holiday with you instead of being in harms way overseas? This Thanksgiving, be thankful–really truly deep down thankful–and please pray for those military families who are spending the day apart.

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