Mom! I’m Bored!

The Moms of Faith Handbook for Moments of Boredom (part 2)!

You are not going to believe this.  This week has been an interesting trip.  One I never expected to venture on when I proposed the notion to “send me all your ideas” about what to do when you hear your kids complain, “Mom! I’m Bored!”  (See Mom’s Handbook for Boredom – part one)  Instead of boredom, remember this:

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalms 37:4

Not only did you all manage to come up with some cool stuff, I noticed something else.  Many comments expressed memories of what our parents told us when we complained to them that we were bored!  That is something I didn’t consider.  And for that, I want to say “thanks!” for also taking me there, when I would hear my own mom’s answer to the statement “Mom!  I’m bored!”  I’ll tell you what she said….later!

We did it!  We found some creative ways to help each other generate fond memories from moments of boredom!  From across the country, Arkansas to Massachusetts, from DC to Florida, your comments helped to generate this compiled “Mom’s Handbook for Boredom”.  Here we go with not just boredom remedies but comebacks too.  Some of my favorite are:

“Only boring people get bored!  You are by no means boring, so what do you think you can do to have some fun?”

“Bored?  Let’s go over to Farmer John’s place.  He always has plenty of work to do!”

“My Mother used to say – ‘Let me find something for you to do.  Which meant WORK.  We never said it again, at least not to her!  LOL!  Needless to say, it works with my own children AND grandchildren!  A family tradition, I guess!”

“WHAT?!  Bored!… There’s a great big world out there waiting for you to discover!  What are you waiting for?  GOOOOOOO!”

“Bored never killed anyone.  Kids need to learn that it is ok to be bored.” 

Comments that included boredom remedies:

14)  Read a book.  This was the most common thread among all responses I heard this week.  In fact, my 4th grade teacher suggests providing kids with books about exotic places.  I should try that.  Isaac normally only likes to read books about the weather.  Remind me never to let him bring a book about the Bermuda Triangle to Florida.  (That’s a story for another time!)

13) Chores.  Sounds like loads of fun, right?  Although a great way to get some things done around the house, this one always costs me money or a trip to the toy store, you?  One reader even said that their mom found extra chores!  Miraculously, she wasn’t bored anymore!  (Guess it worked.)

12) Production Management.  This mom suggested to her girls to write a play, rehearse it, then provide a performance, complete with music, costumes, and makeup.  Cool!  Sell some tickets to the neighborhood and, who knows… a star is born!

11) Spy.  I want to try this one SOON.  Take gadgets from the kitchen and use spoons, spatulas, pots, pans, whatever you can find, as “spyware”.  This would follow up with that movie called Spy Kids.

10) Pizza Party.  We’re doing this tonight!  Make your own pizza faces may not be too relaxing for moms but is always fun for the kids.

9) Toy Bubble Baths.  Now there’s a new one!  And handy too for those toys that need cleaning.  Throw in a few kids and bath-time is done too!

8) Appliance Box Fun.  If there is room, finding an old box to play in can generate hours of busy time!  I loved this idea.  It reminded me of a July 4th when Caity spent an entire day painting an old box.  Then she sat in it for hours.  I have pictures to prove it!  (posting next week)

7) Barbie Bath-time… with a twist!  I never thought of this and, of course, is a girl related activity!  This mom cut out fabric pieces to play with Barbies in the tub.  When wet, the fabric transforms in to fashion.  This could also be fun in the kitchen sink.

6)  Tent Making.!  We love to make tents.  Grab a couple of chairs and a blanket and wow!  Kids are busy for an afternoon.  Heard a great idea to do tents in bedrooms to help organize, sort, and clean.  Hummm… sounds like fun!  Here’s some Extreme Tent Building Tips:  add sleeping bags, paper towel rolls with orange cellophane and Christmas lights and… Viola!  Instant Inside Camping!

5) Mom’s Handbook for Boredom Outside Body Art.  Using tempora paint, and in the summer, just go wild and let them paint themselves.  When done, just grab the garden hose and baths are done for the day!  Double trouble for the Hotts!  If the Hottlings try this, remind me to not tell anyone.  It’s sure to be bare butts everywhere!

4) Post Office.  Okay…this is NOT what you’re thinking.  Listen to this.  Using old shoe boxes, cram and decorate with old things around the house.  Once made, the kids can “mail” items and/or letters to each other.  I love it!   Get this.  It transforms in to the next activity which is…

3) Boot Box.  Throw some dirt in the box with some plastic army men and the boys can play all day!  Heard this one is fun for dads too!

2) Playdough.  One can never go wrong with playdough!  Once, Aunt Tammy got the boys double boxes.  We had it everywhere!  And guess what?  My fifth grade class loved it too for a lesson on topography!   I may be a nerd; but I’m a fun nerd!

And the #1 answer to boredom is (cue drum roll):

“Give them a hammer and some nails and see what they can build with that ‘board’!”

LOL!  That cracked me up.  Now, please allow me to conclude with my favorite comment.  I think that the answer to this delimna should become a nationwide slogan.  It goes something like this:

“Bored?  Well, hello Bored.  I thought your name was Angie (insert child name). 

It’s so nice to meet you!  My name is Mom!

LOL!  I haven’t  thought of that in years… and it is exactly how my mom used to answer me!   Funny thing is, I thought she changed my name!  If my name wasn’t “Bored”, it was “Hungry.”

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