Mom’s Handbook for Boredom

Finally!  It’s January 3, 2012.  Do you know what that means?…  Yes, it’s!  Yeah!  The Christmas break is OVer and time to return to the routine of school days!  Can all you moms (and dads) out there say “YIPEEEE!”  So, let me ask you a question:  Did you hear your children complain while home from school, “Mom!  I’m Bored!”?

Oh no.  This never comes up at our house.  Only, maybe eighty times a day!  “MOM!  I’M BORED!”  Within the first thirty minutes after breakfast, someone complains of nothing to do!  After opening countless toys for Christmas, another whines of boredom.  Seriously?  Well, back in my day, we had plenty to keep us busy without all this new technical stuff like laptops, DS’s, Xbox’s, IPods, Wii… you name it!

I just can’t figure it out!  How can they possibly be bored?  So, here I am.  The kids are on their way back to school as we speak (or write), and guess what?  This mom is bored!  Hummm… let’s see.  What to do today?!

Well, plenty!  There’s the tree to take down; ornaments to pack; decorations to sort!  There is laundry (well, there is always laundry)!  Groceries to get.  Toys to put away.  Bathrooms to clean,… again.  Bills to pay.  Do you know what I mean?  There is usually something to do around here; with or without the kids at home.

So, this got me to thinking.  What if we moms had a Handbook for Boredom?  I could really use some sort of Mom Manual, could you?  Why is it that these children didn’t come with a set on Kid Instructions for Things to Do When There Is No School.

“A Little Late!”  — you must be thinking!  Right?  Now that the children are already back to school or, if homeschooled, back to the books!  But before you know it, there will be a snow day, ISE day (that is one of those teacher training days when kids are off), or Spring Break, when once again, we moms hear “MOM!  I’m Bored!”

So, please, pleeeease tell me (yes, I too am whining), what do you do at YOUR house when your children complain of boredom?  Let’s share some ideas, okay?  Maybe we will find a few new creative ways to occupy our kids!  I am hoping to find something new for the next time everyone is home.  Over this last break, mine were relentless with requests for activities to occupy their time.  I don’t know about you other moms and dads, but a trip to the mall or movies just doesn’t always cut it!  It’s expensive!  Especially with three still home!

So, here goes.  I’m going to share some of the crazy-cracked-up activities we came up with here at the Hott House in hopes that it may help you with your next day home from school.  Then, I want you to add to the list.  Let’s see how much fun we can come up with!

The Moms of Faith Handbook for Moments of Boredom!

1)      Spa for a Day Levi actually came up with this idea so I can’t take the credit!  The crazy Hottlings transformed the house into a relaxing spa!  Complete with waiting room, reception area, and treatment center, sounds pretty cool, right?  Except for the fact that I had to clean up the after!  The foot bowl filled with Orbeez was fun but those little suckers are everywhere!  (pictures later)

2)      School – Yes!  My kids LOVE to play school!  Of course, the ever-controlling-Violet is always the teacher.  She sets up an entire day complete with recess, lunch, and homework.  This will occupy the boys for most of a morning!

3)      Xbox Family Adventure – Thanks to Grandma, the Kinnect was Kool for occupying lots of fun times this holiday!  A little friendly family competition never hurt anyone!

4)      Apples to Apples – Ever try this game?  It’s a hoot!  You should play with Levi sometime!  He’s the best at convincing players to select his definition.

5)      Secret Desserts – This helps with the “what to eat for dinner” situation.  We took turns planning desserts.  Although mostly Jello with a can of fruit thrown in, the boys thought this was the Best!

6)      Menu Making – Isaac came up with this all on his own.  Every night home, he would create a menu (like at a restaurant) and write it up!  Now, they are all over the house.  I have dinner ideas for the next month!

7)      Shoot Your Siblings – With plenty of Nerf guns around the house, nothing like a good ole game of “shoot-out”.  Warning.  This always ends in tears for someone but can take up an entire afternoon!

8)     Fort Building– Violet is a pro at this.  I think that she just may be an engineer like her Dad someday!

9)      Hide and Seek – Count to Ten!  Except, this mom’s ten usually ended up to be more like five minutes while I would sneak a peak at my email.  Hey!  It was the only quiet time all week!

10)  Movie Nights – Good for school breaks and snow days, there is nothing easier than a family movie and bowl of popcorn.  We were really fond of “Dolphin Tale” this year.

11)  Rock Star – Levi’s favorite, his sister dresses him up in the craziest Steven Tyler outfit she can find and Levi performs on the fireplace for everyone that will listen!  Only problem with this one is that the clothes end up all over the house.

12)  Make a Game – I’m not sure where Isaac got this idea, but he will draw out his own Mario game.  We have plans all over the house and under the couch!

13)  Ball Drop – New Year’s Eve has happened a gazillion times at the Hott House.  By now, the year is 3012!  Isaac tapes numbers on the exercise bouncy ball and drops it off the balcony steps.  That’s it!  And it will go on for hours!  Levi loves it!

14)  Hide the Pickle – Yeah, I know this is a Christmas ornament; but, Violet will hide that darn pickle over and over again!  Her brothers LOVE this.  Of course, until she gets ornery and someone complains that she is hiding the pickle too hard (remember “Tree Traditions”).

There you go!  Now, it’s YOUR turn!  Send me all your ideas and next week, we’ll take a look at the entire list.  Who knows, maybe we can help each other find creative ways to generate fun memories when our children are home for the holidays, snow days, or just a plain ole weekend.

After all, they are only this little today, right?

He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the LORD! – Psalm 113:9

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  1. Bonnie Weber on January 12, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    A couple of things I did with my girls, if you have the room, get a refrigerator or stove or any large apliance box. Save it for just the right time, cut the doors and windows for them and declare it the play house or club house for the week. Let them design it anyway they want, that will take up one day,I let them eat there, play there and sleep there. They dragged everthing they could find and had such a good time.
    For girls, barbie bath time with a twist. Since I sew, I always have lots of fabric around, but this will work with any cloth you can cut up. Just cut it into small sections and when it’s wet it will stick to the barbie doll’s body. Many fun hours with this dressing the dolls. If you can trust your little ones let them cut shapes to use.
    Making tents is also cool using blankets, sheets whatever, but have them make them in their own room, clean up is much easier.I would attach them to the headboards and the wall. Put sleepng bags inside,games, books, and made fake fire using cardboard tubes, red or orange celophane, some twinkling Cristmas lights and you have an indoor camp fire. This would hold mine for at least two days and bedtime was much better sleeping in a tent.
    In the summer, I would get a large white plastic tablecloth. Put it outside on a flat surface. Use any washable tempora paint and let them create. When finised hose them and the masterpiece off and it’s ready for another fun time.
    Bonnie B

  2. Angie Hott on January 13, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    Thanks Mrs. Linaweaver! Books with far off places are great ways to escape boredom, even for kids. Violet reads all.the.time. And Isaac, well… he reads books about the weather! LOL!

  3. Angie Hott on January 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Bonnie,
    Getting ready to include your cool ideas in next week’s column. Looks like yours is a creative house too! I love the paint idea. Last weekend, we made a volcano! I am still finding paint in the strangest places :-)
    love, a

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