Faith and Business 101: 12 Characteristics of a Successful Direct Seller

There are certain people who would do well in a Direct Sales company because of their personality. To be successful as a Direct Seller you should possess these 12 characteristics. Even if you don’t have all of them, it can be learned.

1. Good communication skills are essential. If you can’t communicate well, how are you going to sell your products or convey your message to others?

2. Good listening skills like communicating effectively go hand in hand. You can hear what your customers are saying, but are you listening to what they are saying.

3. Are you a problem solver? In any business, your goal is to help solve other people’s problems by means of using your products or services to make someone’s life easier.

4. Being disciplined is essential when you have a home business because it’s so easy to give yourself a lot of flexibility and the work-when-you-want attitude. It’s important to have a schedule and be consistent because it’s simple to fall into procrastination mode.

5. As a Direct Seller, you should have confidence in your ability to do things that are out of your comfort zone. Hosting home parties, going to workshops or seminars, networking, public speaking, cold calling etc. They aren’t easily rattled or are self-conscious.

6. Successful people are action-oriented. They go out and get things done. They don’t wait around to be told what to do. They just do it.

7. Having a positive attitude about your business and your life is the difference maker on whether you’ll become successful or not. Good things come to those who are positive. You attract what you feel and think. The only person who puts negative or fearful thoughts in your head is you.

8. Being a Direct Seller requires patience and perseverance. Successful people don’t give up easily and they are persistent. It takes a lot of effort, determination and strong-will to keep pushing forward.

9. A person who is focused about their home business has a written goal plan on paper. It clearly identifies the steps needed to reach their goals.

10. Successful Direct Sellers are customer service-oriented. They know without their customers they have no business. They know how to provide value, look after their customers and show appreciation.

11. To be successful in your home business you should strive to always better yourself by learning something new or keeping up to speed on new products, ideas and technology.

12. And lastly, you have a thick-skin and you know how to handle rejection well. You don’t dwell on it, but learn from it and move on.

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