Lessons Taught By a Child

I am constantly reminiscing about fun times before Caleb became disabled. He was such a little character! It amazes me, however, at how much he taught me about being, not just a Christian, but a good, decent person. Let me share some of these lessons with you:

When Caleb was about six years old we were members of a small country church. On Sunday evening and Tuesday evening services Caleb would take up the offering. Since we were a small congregation, Caleb would carry the offering plate around to each person and shake their hand. He did not care how long it took him; he went to each and every person. One of the elders told him that he did not have to do that; it was OK for him to just let the people pass it back. But no! Caleb said it was important that each person be welcomed whether they had money or not! Wow! When we moved to Kentucky and found a new church to attend, Caleb continued this tradition when he was asked to take up offering in his children’s church class. His teacher approached us after that first time with tears in his eyes! He said Caleb explained to him the reason he shook everyone’s hand and it made him realize how often we take people’s presence for granted.

Not long after this, one of our neighbors, an elderly lady with Alzheimer’s, was out cleaning the debris from her yard. Caleb was in the middle of playing a game outside when he saw her. He promptly came in and asked if he could go over and help her! Of his own doing, he chose to stop playing so he could help someone in need!

Needless to say, we became friends with this lovely lady thanks to Caleb’s offer to help her. We would spend hours sitting on her front porch as she told us story after story (often the same ones! Lol) about her younger days. One day while at the grocery store, Caleb and Alana picked up a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and put them in the buggy. Of course I thought they were for me! But no, they were getting them for Ms. Ada because Caleb thought she was feeling a little blue the last time he had talked to her!

How wonderful it has been for me to have three wonderfully compassionate children! Caleb’s good deeds bring tears to my eyes not because his are more special than Cody’s or Alana’s, but because sometimes I feel cheated that he is not up doing more good deeds! And then someone will cross paths with us and Caleb’s story will encourage them and I realize that Caleb is STILL touching lives! Sometimes it is these subtle reminders that God is not finished with this story yet that keeps us going!!

For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged. – Matthew 7:2

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