25 Frugal Activities to do With Your Kids During Winter Break

Whether it’s spring break, summer break or winter break; kids need something to do during this down time–without driving their parents, and especially their mom batty. Going out and spending money will get expensive so be sure to look for coupons, special day events and freebies.

25 Free or Budget Friendly Activities to do With Your Kids During Winter Break

1. Is it time to upgrade your child’s bedroom? How about a room makeover? A new coat of paint will automatically make a bedroom look different. Your kid can help paint and decorate the room. Sometimes just rearranging the furniture in the room makes the room look fresh. This can be a little project for your child to work on during the winter break. Don’t forget to take before and after pictures.

2.  Spend quality family time together. Bring out the games, play some festive music and don’t forget snacks. Having this time together, you may end up with a new family tradition.

3. If your kids are looking for adventure, try indoor rock climbing. This will surely tire them out and they’ll get their exercise.

4. It’s nice to get out of the house to enjoy the great outdoors. Look for hiking or walking trails. Scout out some places before you go. It’s great to get the kids out of house and learning about nature.

5.  Play tourist in your own town. Plan out your day as if you were in a foreign country and your kids can play navigator.

6. Play indoor miniature golf.

7. Spend the day at the aquarium.

8. Learn something new together. It can be an activity or even a new language.

9. Look for free activities and events in your area. These can easily be a one day adventure or spread over the winter break.

10. If you have younger kids, organize play dates.

11. Organize a sleepover for the kids and get suggestions from your kids on what they want to do. With your guidance and help, let them plan their sleepover.

12. Take your kids to the arcade. Set a budget on how much you want to spend and make sure the kids know this amount beforehand so there will be no temper tantrums or whining when it’s time to go.

13. See the festival of lights.

14. Make homemade gifts.

15. Pick a day to watch Christmas movies.

16. Have a kids’ Christmas party.

17. Search for houses that are Christmas themed. You may find a listing of these houses in a local paper.

19. Have a potluck with some of your kids’ friends and parents. To make it festive, come up with a theme. For example, foods have to be in Christmas colors such as green, red and white.

20. Make and decorate a gingerbread house.

21. Find an outdoor or indoor skating rink. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and some snacks.

22. Go tobogganing.

23. Have a snowball fight; build a fort.

24. Enroll your kids in day camps or winter camp.

25. If you live in a warm place, go to the beach, have fun in park with a picnic or BBQ.

6 Inexpensive Winter Break Activities For The Family

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