iPhone 5 Armor Series Case

After hearing horror stories about prominent water proof cases, I decided to give Otterbox’s version a shot–even though the price was hefty. I have used Otterbox in the past, and was happy, so why not invest again, I thought.

My thoughts on the Armor Series Case

When I purchased mine on the “debut” date, they only had a few colors to choose from and nothing feminine, so I went with Arctic. Now, however, there are 10 colors to choose from. Unfortunately, none of them are feminine. I guess Otterbox does not believe this product will appeal to women? Anyway, when the case arrived, it was pretty easy to assemble, and the color was doable for me.

iPhone 5 Armor Series Case - Arctic

iPhone 5 Armor Series Case – Arctic

The main reason I purchased the case was because I really wanted to have security, and the dust free claim was also important to me.

Otter Box Description from their site:

With waterproof, drop proof, dust proof and crush proof features, the Armor Series is The Toughest iPhone 5 Case Ever Built

Each of the high-end materials used in this heavy duty iPhone 5 case were selected for protective qualities and device-functionality

Included with every Armor Series case is a lanyard that easily attaches to the case, diminishing worries about losing track of the iPhone 5

If you’re an adventurer, a busy parent, gear collector or someone willing to invest in protection, the iPhone 5 Armor Series is for you

For the most part, what they say is true. I have literally flung my phone several feet away and it slammed on concrete. My phone was completely safe. It was an accident, of course, but I was VERY happy that my investment actually protected my expensive new iphone!

Oh, and I love the lanyard! It is SO convenient! It is a GREAT addition!


As with every case I have tried from Otterbox, I still have the same complaint, it is SO FREAKING BULKY! I mean with all the countless hours spent developing these safety products, I am hoping they make less bulky versions–while still maintaining safety standards for our electronic devices.

In closing, I am happy with my purchase. I live with the bulkiness–for now. If a competitor comes out with a better idea though, well…

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