Organic Valley Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a staple in our home. However, I only just discovered Organic Valley’s cream cheese. Normally, I would buy store brand, or whatever is on sale.

A few years ago, I started buying organic milk. I made the decision based on some research I had done. Honestly, I would love to buy everything organic. Unfortunately, we cannot afford that option at this time. So, I make changes as I can. Milk was first and we are hooked. We can actually TASTE the chemicals in regular–non organic milk now. There is no going back for our family! LOL!

Anyway, one of the milk brands I buy is Organic Valley. So, when the cream cheese went on sale at our store, I bought it!

All I can say is–we are again hooked! LOL!

My husband came in the kitchen while I was cooking and was taking chunks at a time. I had to kick him out of my kitchen! LOL! He was shocked at how yummy and creamy it was. News got out to my kids and soon, I was overtaken by cream cheese thieves!! LOL!

It’s crazy! I mean we have always been a cream cheese loving family. But–now–I cannot not keep the stuff on my refrigerator shelf for long! I have to hide it if I need it for a recipe! LOL! As soon as it is gone, my little one reminds me frequently that we need more cream cheese! LOL!

I highly recommend Organic Valley Cream cheese. It is creamy, yummy and a major hit–in our home at least! ;)

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