20 Health and Beauty Tips for Busy Christian Moms

Let’s face it, if you are a Mom, you are busy. No doubt about it. Sadly, many of us forget that we need to take care of ourselves. No matter how busy the Mom, time must be allotted for our physical and spiritual health… and for beauty too! I have compiled a helpful list of ideas to help get us started!

He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
– Isaiah 40:29-31

Health & Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

1. Get the Girls Checked. It is very important to know our own breasts. Make an effort to do a weekly self check. I am assuming you shower, so take a minute to check while you lather the girls up! Also, make sure to have your yearly mammograms. Since I am on this subject, make sure you go to the doctor when needed. Do not try and tough it out. Be healthy!

2. Pretty Woman Walking Down the Street… Go for walks. They are good for you in more ways than you may realize. It is a great way to incorporate some fitness into your life, get some fresh air, strengthen the heart and even help your memory. Some researchers have found that people who walk just 20 minutes a day on average improve their memory, and even the ability to learn new things.

3. Get Dressed. If you work outside the home, this is probably not a big issue for you. However, if you are a stay at home mom like me, then you will know all about the bun, sweats, unshowered, no make up scariness that your husband and children see on a semi-regular basis. LOL! Let’s get dressed, put some make up on (or at least freshen up), brush our hair and teeth, and actually greet the man with a pretty, fresh breathed smile when he comes home! Our kids will like seeing this side of Mom as well, we will feel better about ourselves when we happen by one of the mirrors in our home, and our husbands will be blessed!

4. Eat smaller portions. The best way to do this without feeling like you are missing out on something, is to make sure that your plate is smaller as well. Smaller plates will make it seem as if you have a larger portion. In the end, you will eat less!

5. Drink more water. Water is an amazing substance. It is helpful for weight loss, skin, anti aging, internal health and much more. Drink up! Half your body weight in ounces each day is the goal!

6. Wash your Face. DO not miss a day…especially if you are wearing make up! It is VERY important that you wash it off. Every time you go to bed with make up, you age your skin FOUR days! May not seem like a lot at first, but over time it adds up. Maybe that does not bother you. However, I am going to fight the aging process every step of the way!

7. Smile… it does the body good. Smiling more means pretty wrinkles. Who wants the angry lines when they get old? Smiling also increases good for the body endorphins, and makes you and those around you feel better.

8. Exercise more. There are many ways to do physical activity… no matter how tight the schedule. Here are a few ideas: park farther away when shopping, jump rope, hula hoop, rough house with the kids, do vigorous housework, bike ride, mow the lawn, run in place, walk the dog, dance around the house while cleaning, wear ankle weights, play tag with your kids, play twister, gardening, jumping jacks, go bowling, get up to change the channel instead of using the remote, take the stairs… the point is to find ways to do something–no matter how small. A little here… a little there… adds up to a whole lot! Take every opportunity to burn some butter.

9. Moisturize your Skin. Not only does moisturizing your skin daily help keep the wrinkles at bay, it can also prevent pimples. At the end of every face washing session, should be a moisturizer. It really does help prevent pimples. I would not have believed it, if I did not see it myself. My teenage daughter was prone to break outs and then, someone told me to have her moisturize after her normal wash routine. It worked. Less breakouts. Go figure!

10. Let go of Unhealthy Habits. Obviously, drinking and smoking are a no-no for good health and beauty habits. However, there are others we sometimes overlook. A few of them are: over eating, too much soda, refined sugars and flours in abundance, night feeding, over stressing, not getting enough sleep, and too much caffeine. Moderation is the key!

11. Brain Health. Take care of your brain! Trust me, you will need it! LOL! Here are a few simple tricks to help keep your brain healthy and memory refined: learn something new, break routines, brush your teeth with the opposite hand, do a (safe) task with your eyes closed, walk more, read more, imagine more, laugh more and drink more water.

12. Forgive. Holding onto offenses is not only unhealthy for the body, it is dangerous for the spirit. Let it go. Give it to the Lord and live in peace.

13. Learn to Deal with Stress. Unfortunately, stress is a part of life. You cannot escape it. However, we can learn to deal with it in a healthy way. A few ways to de-stress: start a hobby, pray, use a stress ball, make time for YOU, read a book, cast your cares on the Lord, talk about it, etc.

14. Get Organized. Believe it or not, being unorganized is not only stressful, it is unhealthy. It makes you unhappy and feel depressed. Make an effort to become better organized and I am certain you will see and feel the difference in yourself.

15. Eat Better. Our society today is the fattest it has ever been. We eat like we are about to have our last meal… at every meal! On top of that, the food choices we make are unhealthy. We need to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Adding more good fish to our diets is pretty important as well. We should be eating more varieties of foods (not just corn and soy based products), less red meat and less refined sugars and flours. As Moms, we really should cook more healthy meals and use less boxed and premade foods. Seriously.

16. Make your Marriage a Priority. If you are married, then this needs to be a priority in your life. Husband first (after God, of course). Kids second. Yes, that is the order. You are not doing them any favors putting them before their father. If you really want your kids to grow up into well rounded adults who will not only be able to have good relationships, but also become good husbands and wives, you will need to work on having a healthy marriage. This will require dying to yourself, trusting God, and a whole LOT of forgiveness.
{Click Here for a great study on Proverbs 31 Wife}

Note: if you are single, then God is your husband and needs to be your main priority even more.

17. Have a good cry. There is nothing like a good, snot coming out of the nose, puffy eyed, lip quivering cry! Face it, every woman deals with disappointment daily. Just go through the grocery checkout and get an eyeful of the super (UNhuman) bodies on the covers of the magazines. Then peek over your shoulder at the not so pleasantly plump booty following you endlessly! LOL! Go ahead, have a good cry! It’s OK. You will feel better.

18. Pray more. Talk to Daddy God more. Share your heart. Yell. Cry out. Praise. Just give it all to Him and include Him in your daily life. Just talking to Him makes me feel a whole lot better–even my “all about me” talks! Why? Cause I know no matter what, He is ALWAYS listening!

19. Accept Yourself. Yep. This is a big one. We need to get comfortable with us. All of us… from the icky judgmental “cannot believe we even thought that” us… To the “wow what a great Mom I am” us. God loves us and accepts us just the way we are. We should do the same! Once we do, we will feel energized. I know this because I used to have a “face” collection. I had a church face, world face, home face, etc. Then I was liberated from it and am now me. Just me. Love me. Leave me. Whatever. I am free to be me and I will BE ME! Be you!

20. Daddy First. Last, but definitely NOT least. Actually, I would say this is THE most important thing anyone can do… Develop a personal daily relationship with the Lord. In the beginning this may mean scheduling it to create the habit. However, it is VITAL to our spiritual life. Think of it this way, would you eat once a week? I think not. Yet, we think going to church once a week is all we need as Christian Moms. Well, we would be wrong in that thinking. We should be with Daddy every day–even just a few minutes a day. Spend time with the One Who loves you more than you could ever imagine! Note: we offer daily devotionals for busy moms like you, click here for more info. Or, grab a copy of a great Bible Study on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
– Psalm 91:1

I hope these tips are not only helpful, but help us all realize that we not only owe it to ourselves to be healthy, we owe it to the beautiful children that God blessed us with. They deserve better than a cranky, run down, overly stressed out Momzilla!

Please leave your own busy mom health and beauty tips below– or any prayer requests you may have on this topic!

20 Health and Beauty Tips for Busy Christian Moms

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